News i Agency – Martyrdom of a 15-year-old Palestinian teenager by Zionist militants in the West Bank + film

According to News i Agency’s International Group, the Palestinian Red Crescent announced that 15-year-old Palestinian Mohammad Saeed Hamail was martyred after a fire was fired by the occupying forces of the Zionist regime in the Jabal Sabih area in the West Bank.

According to the Palestinian news agency Shahab, Israeli forces today suppressed Palestinian protests against settlements in the town of Bita, south of Nablus, in which a 15-year-old Palestinian teenager was killed and eight others were injured.

Local sources reported that the occupying forces fired bullets and tear gas at the demonstrators who opposed the Zionist regime’s move to build a new town in the Jabal Sabih area.

Earlier, Palestinian groups called for Friday prayers in the West Bank’s Baladeh Bita district and called on all Palestinians to take part in the protests and express their opposition to the establishment of a new settlement in the Jabal Sabih area.

A few months ago, the Zionist settlements built prefabricated houses in the Jabal Sabih area in order to build a new settlement in the area.

On Thursday morning, there was an armed clash between Palestinian intelligence forces and Zionist militants in the north of the West Bank.

The Palestinian news agency Safa reported that the clash took place on Al-Nusra Street in the city of Jenin, which resulted in the martyrdom of two Palestinian intelligence personnel.

The two martyrs were “Adham Yasser Tawfiq Alavi” (3 years old) from Nablus and “Tisir Mahmoud Osman Isa” (6 years old) from Jenin.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health, however, later announced that the number of martyrs in the attacks had risen to three, including a released prisoner of war.

According to Safa, a number of Israeli special forces had attacked the fetus before the clash, and during the clash, heavy shooting took place.

Some news sources, including Al-Jazeera, also reported that a Zionist officer was killed in the clash, but the Zionist regime has not yet officially confirmed this.

These developments take place just a few days after the full-scale clash of Palestinian resistance groups in the Gaza Strip with the Zionists. Clashes between the Zionist regime and Palestinian resistance groups began on Monday, May 10, after the end of the resistance strike in Tel Aviv over the need to end the attacks in Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa Mosque.

During the twelve-day conflict, the Zionist regime, in its attacks on residential areas, killed Palestinian women and children, and in response to these crimes, Palestinian resistance groups targeted the regime’s positions. They fired rockets and missiles, and the Iron Dome system failed to intercept many of them.

The Palestinians took to the streets in Gaza and the West Bank, including the city of Jerusalem, to celebrate the victory of the resistance, while all the Zionist media acknowledged the defeat of Tel Aviv in this new adventure against the Palestinian resistance and the huge expenses of the Zionist regime during this period. .

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