News i Agency – Macron’s claim against Iran’s nuclear and missile program

According to News i Agency’s International Group, French President Emmanuel Macron on Thursday repeated his rhetoric against Iran’s nuclear and missile program.

“Iran’s nuclear program remains a threat,” Macron claimed, according to the British Twitter account of the Middle East newspaper. “Iran’s ballistic missile program is also a threat to the region.”

The French president also said in a video conference yesterday that there was no alternative to the negotiated solution to Iran’s nuclear issues.

“Iran must show evidence of its responsibility in the region,” he said. He added that since 2018, France has proposed completing the IAEA Board, taking into account issues it calls Iran’s ballistic missile activities and regional destabilization.

“It is time for a profound shift in our military presence in the coastal region,” Macron told a news conference Thursday night.

The French president added that in this regard, the French mission in Mali has been completed and French forces will henceforth operate under a wider international mission in this country.

“We must first know who our enemies are and where they are,” Macron said, reiterating his opposition to plans to increase his share of NATO’s budget.

He went on to say that NATO needs leadership in dealing with Russia that also takes into account the geography of Europe.

A few days ago, a French Foreign Ministry spokesman said in response to a new report by the International Atomic Energy Agency: “We are concerned about the report of the Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency on the implementation of safeguards contracts in Iran.”

“This report confirms that no progress has been made in the dialogue between Iran and the IAEA on providing substantive answers to IAEA questions about the presence of undeclared nuclear material at several sites,” he added.

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