News i Agency – Macron changed his mobile device and line for fear of “Pegasus”

According to News i Agency’s International Group, French President Emmanuel Macron changed his mobile phone and number due to fears that he had been targeted by the Zionist spy software “Pegasus”.

According to the news agency “SputnikMacron made the move after media reports suggested he may be one of 50,000 targets of the NSO spyware.

French government spokesman Gabriel Atal said today (Thursday) that Macron met with the French Defense Council today to discuss the Pegasus spy’s spyware and the issue of cyber security. Although French intelligence agencies have reportedly warned Macron in the past, the French president did not take the warnings seriously.

In addition to Macron, the Iraqi president, the prime minister of Pakistan, the prime minister of Egypt, the president of the Council of Europe and many other world political figures have reportedly been attacked by the spy.

Edward Snowden, a well-known American whistleblower, said on Wednesday that it was unlikely that US President Joe Biden’s cell phone had also been hacked by the spyware.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said today (Thursday) in response to a reporter’s question about the Pegasus program that it is important that Pegasus hacking software does not fall into the hands of incompetent people.

He added that countries that have no judicial oversight over how to use spyware should not have the right to use spyware.

Following the revelation of the Western media about Pegasus’s spyware and the sale of this software to some authoritarian countries for espionage activities, including the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, the Guardian newspaper, which has been exposing the NSO for a long time, revealed that the Tel Aviv government Avio has licensed the software to the Saudi government for sale.

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