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Sunday, December 5, 2021

News i Agency – Islamic Jihad: We can force Zionists to leave all Palestinian territories

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According to News i Agency’s International Group, the Zionists who had settled in the town of Avitar in Jabal Sabih in the town of Bita (south of Nablus) were forced to leave the area after Palestinian protests and resistance.

“This is a victory for the way of the resistance and the continuation of the victory in the battle of the Sword of Quds,” said Ahmad al-Mudallal, a senior member of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, in response to the Zionist settlers’ escape.

He told Radio “Holy Voice” saidThe Zionist enemy understands only the language of force, so the flame of resistance must be lit in all areas of conflict in the West Bank against the settlers and the Zionist army. What the revolutionary youth did in Bita shows that the enemy of Israel is a weak regime and there is a possibility of victory over it.

Al-Mudallah stressed that the Zionist regime’s army cannot tolerate the blows of resistance from all fronts.

He continued: “In the shadow of the continuing conflict with the enemy, we can force the Israeli enemy and its settlers to take their belongings and leave all the land of Palestine; True victory can only be achieved through continued struggle and sacrifice.

Al-Mudall said that the Zionist enemy considers the West Bank a strategic region that cannot be left out, but the Palestinian people in the West Bank can shatter the Zionist regime’s image, especially now that the regime’s army has weakened in the face of resistance and the Palestinian people are liberating. And insists on victory.

In the end, he called on the people of the West Bank to continue the conflict with the enemy and to increase the cost of keeping the occupier in the occupied territories, and called for the formation of a unified leadership to manage the conflict in the West Bank.

In response to the settlers’ escape, Hamas declared, “Our resurrected nation in the West Bank, thanks to its fierce resistance, gained a new and important achievement by the withdrawal of the settlers from Jabal Sabih” (more details).

The Democratic Front for the Writing of Palestine (Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine) also stressed that the Palestinian people will continue to oppose Zionist settlements.

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