News i Agency – Iraqi analyst: The United States is conspiring to defame al-Hashdal al-Shaabi

According to News i Agency’s International Group, “Mohammad Karim Al-Saedi”, a political analyst in Iraq, said that the Iraqi government is not with Al-Hashdal Shaabi, especially in terms of terminating contracts, and at the same time some pro-terrorism parties are propagandizing against this resistance group.

He went to the website المعلومه He said that a political conspiracy was being carried out by the United States to overcome al-Hashdal al-Shaabi and the group’s notoriety inside and outside Iraq.

Al-Saedi added, “The media affiliated with some pro-terrorist political groups have started broadcasting and presenting programs against al-Hashdal al-Shaabi in order to take over the media space. The government is also one of the first parties to fall short of Al-Hashdal Shaabi; “Especially in the case of terminated contracts, the issue is presented in a different way, while a large budget has been allocated to al-Hashdal al-Shaabi and the situation remains unclear, and the government does not give a clear answer to this issue.”

The Iraqi analyst also said that some political groups are trying to discredit al-Hashdal al-Shaabi as the United States seeks to bring ISIS back into Iraq and transfer terrorists from al-Hul camp (northeastern Syria) to Mosul on Iraqi soil, and the next step. Instability in Iraq and the return of violence will be the end of al-Hashdal al-Shaabi.

In this regard, Abdul Amir Taiban al-Dubai, a representative of the Iraqi parliamentary faction Al-Sadiqun, announced that the US embassy in Baghdad had prepared a list of commanders of the Al-Hashd al-Shabi organization and resistance groups to target them.

“This will sometimes be done through cleansing and assassination, and sometimes by detaining them,” Taiban said, adding that the US embassy has become the source of all Iraq’s problems and crises.

Abbas al-Zaidi, one of the commanders of al-Hashd in Baghdad, had previously stated that some internal and external parties, in addition to implementing the plans of the Zionist regime, are trying to weaken the role of al-Hashd and wage war against it, and even religious authority due to the issuance of jihad fatwas. Adequately target.

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