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News i Agency – Indian Shipping Minister: Chabahar strategic port is very important for us

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According to News i Agency’s International Group, a senior Indian government official noted the benefits of setting up the Chabahar port in southeastern Iran, saying that the Chabahar port would save 20 percent in India’s logistics sector.

According to the newspaper Economic Times Indian Shipping Minister Manshuka Lalmandova said that with the development of the strategic port of Chabahar, India’s logistics costs in the field of freight transport for independent countries will be reduced by up to 20%.

According to the Indian official, the Commonwealth of Independent States had access to the transfer of goods through China or Europe before the development of the port.

“In a strategic development, loading and unloading has begun in the port of Chabahar,” he said. “The cost of transport logistics to neighboring countries will be reduced by 20 percent through Chabahar.”

He pointed to the start of shipments from the port of Chabahar last week, saying it was very important for India and that Chabahar had a very strategic role to play.

Recently, the Indian Foreign Minister, referring to the lack of effective land communication between India and Central Asian countries, said that the two regions should create a stable air corridor to increase trade and economic interaction.

Speaking at the India-Central Asia Trade Council, the Indian Foreign Minister added: “India intends to make up for the shortcomings in the land connection between the two regions by using the route passing through the port of Chabahar in Iran.” (More details)

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