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News i Agency – Hezbollah: We supported Al-Hariri’s option to form a government quickly

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According to News i Agency’s International Group, Hezbollah’s deputy secretary general spoke to Al-Manar on Wednesday evening about the anniversary of Hezbollah’s victory in the 33-day war with the Zionist regime in the summer of 2006 and the reasons for choosing Hezbollah as Lebanon’s prime minister.

According to Al-Manar news website, Sheikh Naeem Qasim congratulated Lebanon on the anniversary of its victory over the 33-day aggression of the Zionist regime and stressed: “What is important for us is to achieve independence and independent sovereignty.”

He praised the achievements of Hezbollah’s battle of al-Wa’d al-Sadiq (the true promise) during the 33-day war, saying: “Anyone who does not want to see this fact is his own problem.”

The Hezbollah official said that the first achievement of that battle was the existence of a deterrent balance with the Zionist enemy and said: “This balance has prevented the daily aggression of the Zionist regime against Lebanon and creating daily tensions for our compatriots who live in areas near the Lebanese border with the occupied territories.”

Sheikh Qasim added: “The second achievement of the battle of the true promise was that it closed the way for the Zionist regime to use Lebanon as a political base or a place for displaced Palestinians.”

Hezbollah’s deputy secretary general said: “The third achievement is to stabilize the balance between the army, the nation and the resistance, and the divine victory gave Lebanon the authority and deterrent power; In such a way that the enemy must think about it a thousand times before he wants to think about another invasion of Lebanon.

Sheikh Qasim added: “The fourth achievement is that Lebanon’s victory in the battle of the true promise has some hope for the Palestinians; Because they also felt that they could achieve the freedom of the land and victory.

Hezbollah’s deputy secretary general said: “In any future war, if it happens, no one can determine its shape and size from now on, and this depends on the circumstances; But the resistance is ready.

Asked why Hezbollah also proposed Najib Mikati to form the Lebanese cabinet, Sheikh Qasim said: “This was a bold, courageous and confident action by Hezbollah. We introduced him for several reasons.

He added: “The first reason is that the priority for us is the formation of the government, and therefore we will support all the factors that lead to the formation of the government.”

Hezbollah’s deputy secretary general said: “The second reason is that we said from the beginning that we are proposing Saad al-Hariri for the post of prime minister for various reasons; However, with the resignation of Al-Hariri, we emphasized that we support whoever introduces Al-Hariri.

Sheikh Qasim said: “The third reason is that the only option for the prime minister was Mikati, and the fourth reason is that this option has the power to communicate with Arab countries and the world.”

Hezbollah’s deputy secretary general stated: The fifth reason is that Mikati will never allow sedition between Sunnis and Shiites.

He also praised Hezbollah’s understanding with the Al-Tiar Al-Watani Al-Hur party led by Lebanese President Michel Aoun, saying: “Disputes are normal and we want no one to play between us and the free national movement.”

Najib Mikati was introduced as the Lebanese cabinet-forming official this Monday evening (July 25). He won the vote of 72 members of parliament.

Mikati was a Lebanese politician and businessman and Prime Minister from January 13, 2011 to February 15, 2014.

Al-Mustaqbal (close to the pro-Western current March 14) leader Saad al-Hariri recently announced his resignation from the cabinet after a disagreement with Lebanese President Michel Aoun in a speech nearly nine months after his election.

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