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Sunday, December 5, 2021

News i Agency – Hezbollah stressed the need to form a Lebanese government based on the constitution

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According to News i Agency’s International Group, Hezbollah’s deputy secretary general said that adherence to the constitution and the Taif agreement was a way out of the political crisis of forming a cabinet in Lebanon.

According to Al-Manar news website, Sheikh “Naeem Qasim” emphasized in a speech on Wednesday evening: “The socio-economic situation in Lebanon is no longer tolerable, while the Corona crisis is getting worse and worse, in this situation, is it really?” Has not the concern of these people and the future of their children made it necessary to create a government of salvation?

He added: “It is not time to change the balance of power, nor for a coup against the results of the parliamentary elections, nor for the occasion to look for a new formula in forming a government whose members do not belong to parliamentary factions.”

Hezbollah’s deputy secretary general said: “The experience of recent months has shown that the only available solution (for the Lebanese political crisis) is to appoint a cabinet and also to form a cabinet based on the constitution and mechanisms in accordance with the Taif agreement. Bypassing this solution means keeping the country in a state of stagnation and decline, and those who do not follow the legal path are responsible in this matter.

Sheikh Naeem Qasim stated: “The plan to save and rebuild Beirut and solve the problems of Lebanon requires the formation of a government that takes responsibility for these serious issues, and whenever everyone joins hands and a cabinet is formed with the maximum presence of political groups, that is the time.” Which will gain the trust of the parliament and there will be more hope for reform.

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