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News i Agency – Gharibabadi: The change in the 60% enrichment method is pre-designed according to the plan

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According to News i Agency’s foreign policy group, following the publication of a new report by the International Atomic Energy Agency that the IAEA yesterday verified that 60% enrichment is done in an IR6 chain and the IR4 machine chain is enriched at the same time. Kazem Gharibabadi, Ambassador and Permanent Representative of our country to international organizations in Vienna and the International Atomic Energy Agency, provided explanations in this regard.

Gharibabadi said: “This change of method is not a new issue and is completely related to technical measures and decisions, and was also predicted in the design information questionnaire submitted by Iran to the Agency last week.”

He added: “The questionnaire stated that 60% enrichment is first done in parallel in the two chains of IR6 and IR4 machines, and after a few days, the two chains are connected to each other and so-called coupled, and in the new case, the IR6 chain.” It has 60% product output and the IR4 chain is dedicated to 20% enrichment in tandem.

The ambassador and permanent representative of our country to the International Atomic Energy Agency added: Previously, up to 5% was injected into both material chains separately and 60% of the product was harvested from each chain separately, but in the new method, the two chains are coupled together with a single material injection. Up to 5%, two different products 60 and 20% are harvested. In fact, in this way, the enrichment operation is greatly optimized.

According to News i, on the morning of Sunday, April 12, Behrouz Kamalvandi, the deputy spokesman of the Atomic Energy Organization, told News i that an accident had occurred in the electricity distribution network of the Natanz enrichment facility, and that the accident had not resulted in casualties or pollution. Is.

On Tuesday, Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araghchi, who was in Vienna, announced Iran’s decision to carry out 60 percent enrichment, after which Kamalvandi told News i that preparations for its implementation would begin Tuesday night in Natanz.

Gharibabadi, Iran’s representative to the IAEA, later tweeted: “According to the letter and design information delivered to the IAEA on Tuesday afternoon, April 15, 60% enrichment in two chains of new IR4 and IR6 centrifuges in Natanz Done. The technical process started on this day and it is expected that uranium with 60% enrichment will be harvested next week. This action, which is taken in response to the recent sabotage in Natanz, also has significant effects on improving the quality and quantity of radiopharmaceuticals produced by the Atomic Energy Organization.

Ali Akbar Salehi also confirmed the 60% enrichment in Natanz on Friday, April 17, saying: “On Wednesday, we ordered the launch of 60% and 40 minutes in the morning today (Friday) we got the 60% product.” The product we are taking now is about 9 grams per hour. They are working on arranging the chains, which reduces our production by 60% and may reach 5 to 6 grams. But with these two chains, we produce 20% at the same time. We also produce 60% and with a simultaneous injection we also produce 20%, which will be completed within the next one or two days.

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