News i Agency – Germany suspends extradition agreement with Hong Kong

According to News i Agency’s International Group, German Foreign Minister Haiku Moss announced on Friday that the country would suspend the extradition agreement with Hong Kong.

“The decision of the Hong Kong government to disqualify a number of candidates and postpone the election is another violation of the rights of citizens in Hong Kong,” the German foreign minister was quoted as saying by Reuters.

“We have repeatedly made clear our expectation that China will live up to its legal responsibilities under international law,” he said.

These responsibilities include ensuring the rights of the House of Commons as well as the right to free and fair elections, Moss said.

Hong Kong Governor Kerry Lam announced on Friday that the Autonomous Region Legislative Council elections had been postponed for a year. (More details)

Lam attributed the postponement of the election to concerns about a further outbreak of the Corona virus. Hong Kong has seen more than 100 people infected with the Corona virus for ten days in a row, and Lam has warned that the region’s healthcare system will collapse if a new wave of the disease begins.

Hong Kong, a British colony, seceded from Britain in July 1997 and came under mainland China. However, Western countries, including Britain and the United States, continue to interfere in the internal affairs of the Chinese-ruled region.

Opponents of the Hong Kong government staged mass protests this year following the introduction of the extradition law. Gradually, the protests led to the destruction of public property and attacks on police forces.

Hong Kong National Security Act was passed and implemented by the Standing Committee of the People’s National Congress of China a few weeks ago, and according to it, Beijing can use this law to commit crimes related to separation, subversion, terrorism and collusion with foreign forces. Punish that this punishment can also be a sentence of life imprisonment.

The European Union (EU) has boycotted the Hong Kong local government, claiming that the law is a “serious concern” and would undermine Hong Kong’s right to freedom of expression.

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