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News i Agency – Gantz calls on Egypt to help return Zionist bodies from Gaza

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According to News i Agency’s International Group, Israeli War Minister Bani Gantz announced his meeting with Abbas Kamel, the head of the Egyptian intelligence service, on Thursday morning.

Gantz in Twitter page “I met with Egyptian Minister of Intelligence Abbas Kamel,” he wrote. “We talked about a variety of issues, including the need to maintain regional stability and counter-terrorism efforts.”

“I thank him for Egypt’s positive role in the region and I would like to thank the president,” he added. [عبدالفتاح] “Al-Sisi will deliver.”

“I also stressed the importance of lasting peace and stability on Israel’s southern border, as well as the need for the return of Israeli troops held hostage by Hamas in Gaza,” the Israeli war minister explained in another tweet.

Kamel, who traveled to occupied Palestine, met with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas in Ramallah on Wednesday to discuss Egypt’s efforts to coordinate and cooperate with Palestine in all actions and plans to secure the interests of the two nations and the two countries. Palestine insisted on achieving its freedom and independence.

He had previously met with Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, who, according to Israeli sources, discussed the recent exchange of fire between the Israeli regime and the Gaza Strip. (More details)

Zionist media reported on Tuesday that sirens sounded in Sderot near the Gaza Strip, claiming that at least one rocket had been fired from the Gaza Strip at Zionist settlements.

The Israeli prime minister and war minister told Sedirut that they would respond at the right time, place and in the wake of the rocket fire. Earlier, after 12 days of war, the Zionist regime was forced to accept defeat and ceasefire against Palestinian resistance groups in the Gaza Strip.

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