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News i Agency – Erdogan’s spokesman described the Turkish fire as a “national catastrophe”


Turkish presidential spokesman Ibrahim Kalin on Thursday described the massive fire in Antalya as a national catastrophe, according to News i Agency’s International Group.

According to the news agency “Sputnik“Forest fires are a national catastrophe,” Colin wrote in a Twitter message. “All our ministries are strongly opposed to them.”

A spokesman for Recep Tayyip Erdogan added: “The prosecutor’s office is comprehensively studying the causes of the fires. “These efforts will continue tirelessly.”

According to Sputnik, a total of 41 fires have occurred in 13 Turkish provinces over the past two days, 31 of which have been brought under control. The fires have so far left three dead and 122 injured.

Widespread wildfires in the southern forests of southern Antalya in Turkey evacuated residential areas on Wednesday afternoon, Tehran time.

Local officials have ordered residents of the three neighborhoods to evacuate their homes, while efforts are under way to contain the blaze from the ground and air. Forest fires broke out at four different points in southern Antalya, burning several kilometers of forest area.

Antalya officials reported that the flames erupted around noon and spread rapidly as the wind hit the forest. The fire quickly spread to residential areas and residents of several neighborhoods were forced to evacuate their homes, said Mustafa Yagit, the district mayor.

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