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News i Agency – Emirates and Egypt air exercises with the aim of increasing readiness

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According to News i Agency International Group, Egyptian Air Force personnel arrived in the United Arab Emirates on Monday to participate in a 10-day air exercise.

According to the newspaper “نشنالThe Egyptian Air Force will work with the UAE Air Force to strengthen skills, exchange expertise and share information in planning and conducting air operations.

The UAE-Egypt air exercise is being held by the UAE Ministry of Defense under the title “Exercise 3 Excess”. The exercise is in three stages and includes planning operations, training and offensive and defensive operations.

According to the newspaper, the two countries will demonstrate the capabilities of their air force units that are necessary for the stability and security of the region. These activities will also include joint training operations and tactical air maneuvers to improve the readiness of both sides.

The UAE and Egypt have strong ties, and military cooperation is part of their long-standing partnership.

The media recently reported that a number of Russian-made MiG-29s and Sukhoi-35s had been sent to the Egyptian Air Force, and wrote that the Egyptian Air Force had received all orders related to the MiG-29M and M2 fighters. Meanwhile, the work of sending advanced Sukhoi-35 fighters to this country has also started. According to informed Russian sources, 12 Egyptian Sukhoi-35s were spotted at the Komsomolksan Aircraft Complex before being sent.

According to the Swedish Cypriot Institute, the Egyptian army ordered 24 Sukhoi-35s from Russia between 2018 and 2019 and is scheduled to receive the fighters in full by 2023. The Egyptian Air Force intends to retire its MiG-21 and G-7 jets once it receives the full range of these fighters.

The Egyptian Air Force has also received 300 R-73 and R-77 air-to-air missiles for its MiG-29 fighters.

The report of the authoritative website “Global Fire Power” also shows that the Egyptian army has surpassed Turkey and the Zionist regime in terms of air and missile defense with 1100 missiles and rockets. The publication ranked the Egyptian army 12th in the world in terms of military power in 2019.

The news media recently reported on the efforts of the Egyptian Air Force to improve its quantity and quality.

The Daily Egypt quoted National Interest as saying that the Egyptian Air Force plans to buy 50 Russian-made MiG-35s. This is the largest arms deal between the two countries in recent years. Published pictures of the flight of a MiG-33 with the Egyptian flag at the “Zhekovsky” air base in Russia caused a stir on social networks.

The United Arab Emirates has also signed an agreement to buy Russian-made Sukhoi-35 fighter jets and plans to work with the country to build new fighters. An example of a fighter that the UAE intends to build with the help of a Russian company will be the fifth generation and similar to the F-22 and F-35. The UAE recently delivered US-made Predator drones worth $ 197 million.

It is worth noting that the UAE Army has repeatedly carried out airstrikes against the oppressed people of Yemen in aid of the Saudi army.

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