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News i Agency – Emergency situation announced by AWACS aircraft of the British Air Force

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According to News i Agency’s International Group, news sources on Wednesday evening, Tehran time, announced the announcement of an emergency situation on an AWACS (rapid warning) aircraft of the British Air Force.

The British Air Force AWACS “Y-3 Center” declared a state of emergency while flying over North Umbrella in the north-east of England and returning from a training mission, the Defense website reported, citing aviation sources. Aviation sources said the AWACS aircraft was returning to Waddington Air Force Base due to a hydraulic defect.

The plane announced in a radio call the status of the Squawking 7700, which means the need for an emergency landing to face a “serious danger” or “imminent”. No further details have been released about the plane crash.

The Boeing E-3 Centrifuge is an American-made AWACS Early Warning and Air Control aircraft designed in the 1970s to monitor, command, control, regulate operations, and communicate around the clock in all weather conditions. A total of 68 of these aircraft have been built and are in the service of the United States, British, French, Saudi Arabian and NATO air forces.

The AWACS radar is capable of detecting low-altitude birds from a distance of more than 400 km and medium and high altitudes from 650 km.

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