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News i Agency – Drone attack on Indian air base in Jamo

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According to News i Agency’s International Group, news reports indicate that two drones attacked an Indian Air Force base near the country’s border with Pakistan on Sunday morning (today).

According to the news agency SputnikThe Indian Air Force reported two low-intensity explosions at Jammu Air Force Base.

According to the media, news sources in the Jammu region reported that two drones were used in the attack on the Jammu air station this morning, resulting in low-intensity explosions.

Indian officials said planes and other equipment at the station were safe and two people were injured in the blast.

A quadcopter is said to have been used to attack the Indian Army air base.

According to Sputnik, “this is the first time such an attack has been made on this station or other stations of the Indian Air Force.”

The Indian Air Force issued a statement about the attack, saying that one of the attacks caused minor damage to the station roof.

The Indian Air Force added to the base without elaborating on the “exact nature of the drone strike”: “Investigations (about this attack) are ongoing.”

Although Indian officials have not mentioned Pakistan’s possible role in the drone strike, some media outlets have speculated about the station’s proximity to the Pakistani border.

India and Pakistan agreed in February 2021 to completely stop firing and clashes along the border. Disputes between the two countries over Jammu and Kashmir have continued since 1947.

According to Sputnik, New Delhi claims sovereignty over all areas of Jammu and Kashmir, but some of these areas are currently divided along the “control line” between India and Pakistan.

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