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News i Agency – Demonstration of Chinese power to the United States with the movement of the Liaoning group ship to the Pacific Ocean

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According to News i Agency’s International Group, the aircraft carrier on China and its accompanying group ship crossed an important waterway in Japan in a show of strength in the presence of the United States in the region to settle in the Pacific Ocean.

According to the news agency “Nikki” The Joint Chiefs of Staff announced Sunday that the Chinese aircraft carrier Liaoning and five accompanying ships have crossed an important Japanese waterway and are headed for the Pacific Ocean. The group was spotted 470 km southwest of the Danzhou Islands in Nagasaki prefecture, the Joint Chiefs of Staff added. The group then crossed the Strait of Miyako, 250 km between Okinawa and Miyako.

This is the first time since April 2020 that the aircraft carrier Liaoning has crossed the waterway. The incident came just days after training between the US Navy and Australia in the East Pacific.

The Japan Joint Chiefs of Staff also announced the deployment of a destroyer, a naval patrol aircraft and an anti-submarine aircraft to gather information and monitor the movements of Chinese vessels.

The move comes as the US Navy is stepping up cooperation with Japan, India and Australia in the Indian and Pacific Oceans. Following US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin’s visit to India, Theodore Roosevelt Group’s ship conducted a joint multilateral operation with the Indian Navy and Air in the Indian Ocean on March 28 and 29 (Sunday and Monday, April 8). .

A former senior Chinese military official recently announced various scenarios for the country in response to US nuclear strikes against China. Wang Jiangsu, a former senior Chinese military official and current professor at Beijing University in Beijing, said China had spent two decades building defenses for its nuclear arsenal at sea and on land to ensure a nuclear strike could be carried out. Repel other items.

“Because of the changes we have made in the last 20 years, they will not be confident in the success of this option,” the Chinese military official said, referring to the option of US nuclear attacks on his country.

China also built a strong nuclear capability at sea in 2015 by equipping its submarines with nuclear missiles.

News i.



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