News i Agency – Damage to Al-Quds aggression against the Zionist economy / from gas platforms to the exit of the world’s largest investment fund

Tensions escalated in Jerusalem in May 1400, with the Zionists attempting to drive the Palestinians out of the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in Jerusalem; This is how the 12-day war began, one of which was sweet Most It brought victories to the resistance of the defenseless people of Gaza and shattered the pride of the Zionist regime.

If for years the Palestinian people had only stone weapons in their hands, but today these resistance missiles have not only destroyed the military and invincibility of this regime, but also made it economically vulnerable.

The fear and panic of the inhabitants of the occupied territories can also be considered the intangible damage of the resistance missile attacks and it can be calculated along with the economic damage.

If for years the Palestinian people had only stone weapons in their hands, but today these resistance missiles have not only destroyed the military and invincibility of this regime, but also made it economically vulnerable.

From the beginning of the resistance rocket attacks until the ceasefire, the important airports and refineries of the Zionist regime were targeted. The closing of the skies over occupied Palestine and even the refusal of ships and tankers to enter the regime’s ports was one of the economic consequences of the conflict.

In the first two days of the war alone, more than 1,000 rockets were fired by Palestinian groups; In addition to the fact that a significant number of them passed through the Iron Dome system, it also imposed a huge cost on the regime to counter the rockets.

* Palestine sky at the disposal of the resistance

For the first time, Bangorion International Airport, the main Zionist regime airport in Tel Aviv, was hit by a missile, and all incoming and outgoing flights from the airport were stopped and flights in the airspace of the regime were diverted to alternative airports.

Zionist regime “Ben Gurion” International Airport

A spokesman for Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades called on all airlines around the world to immediately suspend flights to all airports in occupied Palestine.(More details)

As the rocket attacks intensified, some major international airlines canceled flights to Tel Aviv and the Occupied Territories in general.

This is how the companies of Delta Airlines»،«American Airlines“, “United AirlinesThe United States, Germany’s Lufthansa and Britain’s British Airways have suspended all flights to Israel.(More details)

The Zionist regime’s Channel 12, stating that the Palestinian resistance had been able to place the regime under air siege, acknowledged that the resistance’s rocket attacks had diverted all planes flying to Ben-Gurion Airport and forced them to Fly to another country.(More details)

* Emptying the ports of the occupied territories

After that, shipping sources reported that shipping companies, for fear of resistance missile attacks, demanded the change of ports for delivering their oil shipments to the Zionist regime.

Shipping companies had requested to deliver their oil shipments to the Zionist regime in the port of Haifa instead of the port of Asqalan.(More details)

Insecurity caused by resistance missile attacks has also affected tourism in the occupied territories. Shipping Company Royal The Caribbean has announced that it has canceled the Israeli-Greek-Cypriot recreational shipping line, which was scheduled to start operating next month.

For the first time, the ship “Odyssey of the Sea” was to transport passengers from the coast of Haifa to Greece and Cyprus for recreational purposes.(More details)

* Refineries, industrial and oil areas in the range of resistance missiles

In addition to economically important airports and ports, targeting gas platforms, refineries and industrial areas, and oil and fuel storage depots can also cause significant damage.

In the midst of this conflict, an industrial area near Asqalan was targeted by a rocket fired from Gaza, and a storage source belonging to the Zionist oil company and infrastructure was destroyed. The company operates a fuel transmission pipeline network.

“Another source of energy for the Zionist regime in the fire of resistance rockets is the oil refinery.”BazanIt was in the port of Haifa that a large fire broke out, but the Zionists claimed that there was a technical problem.

At the time, the Zionist newspaper Jerusalem Post reported that a fire had broken out at the CCR facility in Haifa.(More details)

Also, according to Al-Mayadin News Network, one of the missiles hit an industrial area and a warehouse containing flammable materials and caused a terrible fire. Several people were also injured in the fire.

Rocket hits an industrial area and warehouse containing flammable materials

Even the Israeli army posted a video on its Twitter account of the terrible fire, but did not mention the location of the fire.(More details)

At the same time, Israel’s Channel 12 acknowledged that Hamas had fired dozens of rockets at Israeli gas wells at sea.

Network Kan The regime reported that the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement had attempted to target the Zionist gas extraction platform 20 km from Gaza with suicide drones.(More details)

After that, pictures and videos of Users Israelis took part in the 12-day war, which showed a large fire on a natural gas extraction platform off the coast of Haifa.

News Agency Sputnik “These images and videos show a large volume of fire coming out of the upper part of this gas platform belonging to the Zionist regime in the occupied city of Haifa,” he wrote at the time.

Once again, the Israeli media tried to portray the incident as a normal one, claiming that the fire was caused by excess gas escaping from the torch of this gas platform; But residents of the coastal part of Haifa have never seen flames of this magnitude.

Following this claim, the Zionist media claimed that the fire was also caused by a “technical problem”.

Sputnik says two gas platforms, Leviathan andTamarIt is located on the shores of the occupied city of Haifa in the Mediterranean Sea, but the Israeli media did not mention which platform was the scene.(More details)

Gas platform «Tamar“Which is 25 km off the coast of the occupied city”AshdodIs located in the south of the occupied territories; It had suspended its activities for nine days after the Hamas rocket attack. The platform started operating after the ceasefire.(More details)

* Dimona nuclear facility is not safe from resistance missiles

Another important and important center of occupied Palestine that was not spared from resistance missiles was the Dimona nuclear facility. However, the Zionists did not officially announce anything about it.

The Palestinian news agency Shahab reported that sirens sounded in the occupied tunnel, and wrote that a loud explosion was heard after the sirens sounded in towns near the Gaza Strip.

«شهرک‌نشینان “Zionists wrote on social media that an explosion was heard in the south of the West Bank after sirens sounded around the Gaza Strip.”

Residents of suburban areas near Dimona said loud explosions erupted across the area after sirens sounded. Hebron, Jerusalem (occupied Jerusalem) and Ramallah have been heard.

The Patriot defense system is said to have intercepted two missiles near the Dimona nuclear facility. (More details)

* Large capital outflows Most World Investment Fund from two Israeli companies

Other financial and economic consequences of this 12-day war for the Zionist regime, the outflow of funds from the Norwegian State Oil Fund as large ‌Most The World Government Investment Fund was made up of two Israeli companies.

The fund said it was taking action to protest the Zionist regime’s aggression against the Palestinian people.

The Norwegian State Oil Fund has a capital of over $ 1.3 trillionMost Is the state-owned investment fund in the world.

Norwegian sources say officials at the Norwegian State Oil Fund have taken precautions against Shabir Engineering and Industries and the Miven Real Estate Company because of the two companies’ settlement activities in the West Bank.(More details)

* Zionist statistics of losses

The Zionist statistics on the damage caused by resistance missiles are also interesting. In one of the estimates made by the Zionist tax organization in the middle of the war, the damage to the regime during the first 4 days of resistance attacks in various areas occupied by the regime, half the total damage during the Zionist war in 2014 against the Gaza Strip It is estimated. The war that year lasted 51 days.(More details)

* Daily damage of $ 8 million to the Zionist regime

After the ceasefire, a Zionist economic newspaper also revealed the initial damage caused by the resistance missile attacks in response to the Zionist regime’s invasion of the Gaza Strip.

According to newspaper estimates «کلکلیستThe damage inflicted during these 12 days is greater than the damage inflicted during the 2014 war. The war lasted 12 days, less than a quarter of the 51-day war in 2014.

According to preliminary estimates, the cost of direct damage to the Zionist regime in these 12 days, more than 300 million Shape (The regime’s currency) or about $ 92 million, compared to $ 200 million Shape (About $ 61 million) The 51-day war is more.

According to the report, 5,300 reports of financial damage (buildings, vehicles, agricultural land, etc.) have been announced by residents of the towns of Al-Ghalafa and the Occupied Palestinian Territories, and are expected in the coming days after the ceasefire. This figure will increase as the rest of the residents return to their homes and farmland.

In 2014, the number of direct damage reports was only 4,000.(More details)

* Damages caused by loss of security

According to News i, damages caused by the closure of airports and cancellation of flights, emptying of ports and non-delivery of cargo, burning of refineries and gas platforms and storage tanks and industrial areas, damage to residential areas, cars and farms, objective damages And they are straightforward, the dimensions of which become clear over time, but the damage caused by the loss of security for companies to invest or operate in airports, industrial centers, drilling rigs is much greater.

Of course, there was a lot of damage to public property, including government buildings, roads, lighting, traffic lights and other urban infrastructure.

Other damages that can be mentioned are the losses that the Zionist regime will suffer from the closure of the tourism industry (one of the most important industries of this regime), the closure of factories, the loss of mental and physical security, reverse migration, and many others. .

* More psychological damage

The psychological effects of these attacks have been such that the Hebrew-language newspaper Haaretz, in a report on the psychological effects of Palestinian resistance rockets on the inhabitants of occupied Palestine, wrote that residents of towns around the Gaza Strip have sought psychological support in recent wars , 54% more than the 2014 war.

This is despite the fact that the 12-day war lasted less than a quarter of the 51-day war.(More details)

Exorbitant military costs from missile launches to armaments and recruitment

But in addition to the heavy financial and economic losses caused by the targeting of the Zionist positions by the resistance missiles, there is a much heavier cost, and that is the exorbitant cost that the Zionists have to pay to counter the resistance missiles.

Zionist newspaper «Israel HumeHe stated that for each interception of the Iron Dome system, the Zionists have to pay $ 80,000, of which about $ 65,000 to $ 70,000 is only for the missile of this system and the rest is related to the maintenance costs and other components of the system.

This means that the Zionists must fire a missile that costs them $ 80,000 to counter the resistance missiles, which cost several dollars.

In addition to the heavy financial and economic damage caused by resistance missile strikes, there is a much heavier cost, which is the exorbitant cost of countering and intercepting resistance missiles.

Also according to the newspaper Yedioth AhronothTo these costs must be added the costs of the Israeli army’s war. The costs associated with armaments and conscription in this army are practically over one and a half billion Shape It is estimated. (More details)

The deadly blows of the resistance in the recent missile operations, by carefully selecting the economic and military centers of the Zionist regime, overthrew the regime in such a way that Israel, which once considered itself the dominant power in the region, would be shaken both militarily and economically. And surrendered to the demands of the Palestinians and the offer of ceasefire.

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