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News i Agency – Corona outbreak on the British “Elizabeth” aircraft carrier

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According to News i Agency’s International Group, the British Navy on Wednesday announced the outbreak of Corona on the aircraft carrier of Queen Elizabeth of England and its group ship.

According to the news agency “Associated Press » A British Navy spokesman said the corona test of a number of crew members of the aircraft carrier and accompanying fleet had been positive. A British naval spokesman said vaccinations and measures were needed, including social distance, the use of masks and more.

A British Navy spokesman claimed that a positive test by the crew would not affect the mission. The group has so far completed one-third of its 28-week visit to 40 countries.

The Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier is based on US-made F-35B fighters and is currently based in the Indian and Pacific Oceans. The Corona outbreak on Queen Isabet’s aircraft carrier became public after British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace confirmed an investigation to determine the cause of death of a crew member aboard the group.

Queen Elizabeth’shamos is an aircraft carrier and the largest warship built for the British Navy. This aircraft carrier is capable of carrying a maximum of forty aircraft. The ship was registered on July 4, 2014 and entered the service of the British Navy in 2017. These aircraft carriers are designed to land and take off vertical fighters such as the F-35 and the Merlin helicopter. In addition, the ship is equipped with an airborne rapid alert system as well as anti-submarine warfare software.

The British newspaper The Sun claims that the Corona virus spread on the ship when it stopped in Cyprus and the crew left the ship.

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