News i Agency – Chinese Foreign Minister: Lifting sanctions on Iran is the first thing the United States should do

According to News i Agency’s International Group, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi stressed today (Friday) the need to lift US sanctions against the Islamic Republic of Iran.

“US coercion and unilateral bullying is a major source of problems for Iran’s nuclear program,” Wang said in an online speech at a disarmament conference in Geneva.

According to a statement issued by the Chinese Foreign Ministry, he stressed the need to step up diplomatic efforts to get Borjam back on track: “To return to Borjam, lifting sanctions on Iran is the first thing that naturally [آمریکا] “He has to do it.”

“At the same time, negotiations are underway to resume the following commitments,” he said [هسته‌ای] “It is a final step by the United States and Iran. The parties involved must make a political decision as soon as possible and redouble their diplomatic efforts to get Burjam back on track.”

“China proposes a multilateral dialogue platform for regional security in the Persian Gulf and a step-by-step framework for inclusive, sustainable, collective and cooperative security,” Wang said. “Let the Middle East be formed.”

Earlier, a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman called on the United States to lift all unilateral sanctions against Iran, citing the possibility of resolving disputes over the revival of the UN Security Council. (More details)

Meanwhile, news sources have reported that the sixth round of Burjam talks is likely to begin a few days late. The talks were originally scheduled to begin on Thursday, but a Wall Street Journal reporter said today that talks would likely begin on Saturday.

Joe Biden’s government claims that it intends to pave the way for his country to return to the BRICS nuclear deal through ongoing talks in the Austrian capital, Vienna.

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