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News i Agency – China reacts to British naval provocations

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The Chinese Ministry of Defense on Friday warned of provocative actions by a British aircraft carrier in the South China Sea, according to News i Agency’s International Group.

According to the newspaper “The GuardianWu Qian, a spokesman for China’s Ministry of Defense, said his country respects freedom of navigation in international waters but strongly opposes activities that pursue provocative goals.

“This should never be an attempt to destabilize the region,” the Chinese official said [این اقدامات] “It includes recent military cooperation between Britain and Japan.”

A spokesman for the Chinese Ministry of Defense said, “The Chinese navy will take all necessary measures to counter such behavior.”

In addition, the Chinese newspaper “Global Times” wrote on Friday referring to these movements: “The main idea of ​​the British presence in the South China Sea is dangerous.”

“If London tries to consolidate its military presence in the region of geopolitical importance, it will only disrupt the current situation in the region, and if real action is taken against China, it will fail,” the Afrod newspaper reported.

The British Ministry of Defense recently claimed that a fleet accompanied by the aircraft carrier “Queen Elizabeth” has chosen the most direct route to a rehearsal with its allies.

“As we see the desire for power in the Indo-Pacific region, we are committed to working with our partners in the region to defend democratic values, counter threats and keep our nations safe,” said British Secretary of Defense Ben Wallace. “We will be.”

The Chinese Defense Ministry warns that the British plan to send two more warships into the South China Sea this year, according to the Guardian.

According to Wallace, the two British warships, Echhamas Spy and Echhamas Tamar, will be sent to support operations in Japan, Australia, Singapore and possibly the United States.

The aircraft carrier of Queen Elizabeth of England and its group ship entered the waters of the South China Sea on Tuesday without heeding Chinese warnings. The fleet has joined the US and Australian navies, which claim to be ready for safe naval traffic in this sensitive area.

Earlier, the Chinese Foreign Ministry warned that the Chinese government respects the freedom of navigation and flight in the vicinity of this country and any country can enjoy it within the framework of international law.

A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman added that Beijing “strongly opposes the use of force against China” and that Britain’s deployment of a warship in Asian waters “endangers China’s sovereignty and security and threatens regional peace and stability.”

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