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News i Agency – Campaign of prominent African personalities to cancel Tel Aviv’s membership in the African Union

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According to News i Agency’s International Group, the wave of protests against the presence of the Zionist regime as an observer member in the African Union has spread widely and various campaigns have been launched against this action.

news Network المیادین It was reported that more than 200 prominent figures of the African continent signed a petition condemning the Zionist regime’s membership in the African Union as an observer member and called on all the people of the continent to join the campaign against the Zionist regime.

According to the network, members of the “Global Campaign to Return to Palestine” in Africa, compiled the petition and stressed that the people of different African countries should work to sign this electronic petition.

The signatories of this petition are prominent social figures, political parties, religious centers, academics, intellectuals and media activists from different African countries. “The Palestinian issue also belongs to Africa,” they said.

The signatories of this petition stated that the Palestinian revolutionary groups have many exchanges with the African liberation movements and have a common issue called the war waged by the colonial countries against the African nations and the Palestinian people.

The petition stressed that the action of the head of the African Union Commissioner for the membership of the Zionist regime is “an individual action, shocking and condemning; “The following clearly destroys the principles on which the values ​​of this union are based.”

According to the petition, such an action would “trample on the struggle and the blood of African martyrs who fought for the liberation of Africa and stood up against the colonial slaughter of Israel as a direct means of violating the rights of African nations.”

“The nations of Africa and Palestine stand together to counter normalization … and the head of the UNHCR must immediately reverse this decision and apologize to the nations of Africa and Palestine,” the signatories noted.

Meanwhile, Algeria and seven Arab countries present in the African Union protested against the membership of the Zionist regime in this alliance.

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