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News i Agency – Borrell’s claim: Russia sanctions were effective


Following the provocative statements and tensions between European countries and Russia, EU foreign policy chief Joseph Borrell stressed the need for sanctions against Moscow, according to News i Agency’s International Group.

In an interview with the Spanish newspaper Pais today (Thursday), Borrell claimed that sanctions against Russia were an effective measure, claiming that Russia was not economically strong.

According to the network website «ریانووستی“Sanctions, although they do not seem to be very useful, are effective measures to ban travel and freeze the property of those who own it,” he said. “Economic sanctions also have side effects and costs.”

“But there comes a time when they have to be implemented, because if that doesn’t happen, it means you’re just talking,” he said, claiming that politics could not be based on sanctions alone.

“Russia is not an economic power,” Borrell said, according to the report. But it has conventional weapons and nuclear weapons, and we need to consider unconventional methods of warfare, which include new technologies, methods that [روسیه] “There is no doubt about their implementation.”

“Nevertheless, we must seek mutual understanding on the issues in which we need Russia, including the Arctic, energy,” he concluded, according to RIA Novosti. “In relation to Russia, on the one hand, we need to adhere to a containment strategy and, on the other hand, we need to conclude agreements on essential issues.”

On July 21, the Council of Europe extended EU sanctions against Russia for another six months, accusing Russia of “destabilizing” Ukraine. (More details)

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