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News i Agency – Be ready for fetal revolutionaries with the news of Zakaria Al-Zubaidi’s deteriorating condition

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According to News i Agency’s International Group, the Nadi al-Assir al-Palestinian Center on Monday evening called on the International Committee of the Red Cross and all relevant human rights organizations to take immediate action to inform the families of the four detainees who were re-arrested. Reassure.

According to the website Palestine Today“The policy of the occupying regime is to keep the information and whereabouts of the four Palestinian prisoners secret and to deny them the right to meet with lawyers and to spread the news that Zakaria al-Zubaidi was twice taken to hospital has raised concerns about the fate of these prisoners,” the statement said. Is.

Zakaria Zubeidi, 46, a former commander of the Fatah movement’s Shohada al-Aqsa battalion, has been detained by the Zionist regime since 2019 and escaped from Jalboo prison in the north of the occupied territories during Operation Freedom Tunnel, along with five other prisoners. Three other detainees were re-arrested.

Referring to the dark background of the occupying regime’s interrogators in torturing Palestinian prisoners during their detention, Nadi al-Assir said: “Israeli courts have contributed to the increase in torture by extending the detention of prisoners, especially since they rejected the prisoners ‘lawyers’ request to lift the ban on prisoners meeting with their lawyers.”

Meanwhile, with unconfirmed news and a video released by an unnamed source about the transfer of Zakaria al-Zubaidi to a Palestinian fetal hospital, the media reported that hundreds of Palestinians had gathered in front of the hospital.

On the other hand, the Zionist regime’s Channel 12 reported that the Israeli Prison Administration said that al-Zubaidi was being interrogated by the regime’s intelligence service and had not been taken to hospital.

Meanwhile, the same television network had previously said that al-Zubaidi had been taken to hospital twice since his re-arrest.

The Zionist regime’s “Kan” television channel also announced on Sunday that al-Zubaidi may have been taken to Rambam Hospital in Haifa.

In the city of Jenin, on Saturday evening, with the news of Al-Zubaidi’s deteriorating condition, people chanted slogans against the Zionist regime.

Palestinian militant forces are also on standby in Jenin. A number of young people in the city also went to the checkpoint and the Al-Jalma checkpoint to confront the forces of the occupying regime.

Meanwhile, Hassan Quneitha, head of the Palestinian Prisoners of War and Freedoms Administration, told Al-Mayadin that contradictory Israeli news about the detainees had raised concerns about the situation of the detainees.

He stressed: “We hold the occupying regime responsible for the lives of the prisoners and its actions will have consequences, because we stand behind our prisoners like soldiers.”

Quneitra said that with Israel’s stubbornness and insistence on arbitrary behavior, the situation was escalating.

Next Friday will be a crucial day for Palestinian prisoners, said the head of the Department for the Affairs of Palestinian Prisoners and Freedmen.

Six Palestinian prisoners escaped from a prison by digging a tunnel in the Jalbouh high-security prison in northern northern Palestine on Monday morning. The Zionist regime started searching for these prisoners last week and arrested two of them on Friday (yesterday), and the regime’s media reported this morning (Saturday) the arrest of two other Palestinian fugitives, and therefore So far, four of the six fugitives have been arrested.

The names of the six detainees are as follows: The first four were re-arrested:

1- Mahmoud Abdullah Areza (46 years old) from the Arab region in Jenin, arrested since 1996, sentenced to life imprisonment.

2- Mohammad Qasim Arezeh (39 years old) from Araba area, arrested since 2002, sentenced to life imprisonment.

3- Yaghoub Mahmoud Ghaderi (49 years old) from Pir Pasha district, arrested since 2003, sentenced to life imprisonment.

4- Zakaria Zubeidi (46 years old) from Jenin camp, arrested since 2019.

5- Ayhem Nayef Kamamji (35 years old) from Kafardan area, arrested since 2006, sentenced to life imprisonment

6- The family of Yaqub Anfiat (26 years old) from Yabed area, arrested since 2019.

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