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News i Agency – Bashar al-Assad: We are trying to provide conditions for the return of Syrian refugees

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According to News i Agency’s International Group, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad welcomed a Russian delegation headed by Alexander Lavrentyev, a special envoy of Russian President Vladimir Putin, in Damascus on Monday.

During the visit, the Syrian president thanked Russia for its humanitarian and medical assistance, as well as for the Crohn’s vaccines it has sent to Syria, and said that Russia’s great assistance to the Syrian people in various areas is valuable, including efforts to repatriate Syrian refugees.

Bashar al-Assad added that Syria is constantly working to return the displaced by rebuilding the infrastructure destroyed by the terrorists. The Syrian government seeks to restore security and stability in the liberated areas so that the displaced can return to their cities and villages more quickly.

During the meeting, Lavrentyev noted his country’s readiness to continue working with Syria to reduce challenges and problems that may hamper the return of refugees.

He expressed confidence that Damascus and Moscow will achieve tangible results in this framework to provide suitable conditions for the return of Syrian refugees.

Meanwhile, Syrian Foreign Minister Faisal Meqdad said today (Monday) at a joint Russian-Syrian conference on the return of refugees in Damascus that Western pressure has hindered the return of Syrian refugees.

According to the official Syrian news agency, (Sana), the Syrian Foreign Minister said that the political goals were behind the action of the Western countries and further considered it contrary to the goals and the UN Charter.

“Some international organizations are involved in encouraging Syrians not to return to the country and misleading portrayals of Syria, while the Syrian government has made extensive efforts to return refugees and prepare the situation with the help of friendly countries and the United Nations,” added Faisal Miqdad.

“The countries that are working to politicize the issue of Syrian refugees are the ones who have exposed the country to a brutal economic blockade, led by the United States and the European Union,” he said.

Meanwhile, Russia’s ambassador to Damascus, Alexander Yifimov, speaking at a joint Russian-Syrian coordination meeting, said Moscow was trying to completely eliminate terrorist cells, end the illegal military presence of foreign troops on Syrian soil and rebuild the war-torn country. , Fully supports Damascus.

“As you know, Russia has a great role to play in solving these tasks,” he said. “We call on all external actors to support us in this direction.”

According to the Russian diplomat, Russia is providing financial assistance to Syria in various fields and will send regular shipments of wheat to that country from 2021.

“We naturally pursue close political co-operation with Damascus, which is to defend sovereignty, national unity and territorial integrity, as well as the right of the Syrians to determine the future of their country,” Yefimov said.

The Russian diplomat said Russia and Syria currently have several joint plans that could help in the post-war reconstruction and strengthen the stability of the Syrian national economy amid the economic blockade against the country.

According to unofficial statistics, about six million Syrian refugees are abroad, mostly in Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon and Iraq.

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