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News i Agency – Bahraini demonstrations condemn Al Khalifa compromise with Zionist regime

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According to News i Agency’s International Group, a large number of Bahrainis demonstrated in the village of Al-Diyah, west of the capital Manama, condemning Al-Khalifa’s compromise with the Zionist regime.

The demonstrators held Palestinian flags and placards reading “The Bahraini people will remain loyal to Palestine, the Palestinian people and its sanctuaries and oppose the betrayal of the normalization of relations,” “Your weapon is compromise and our weapon is resistance.”

According to the network المنارThe demonstration was organized at the invitation of Al-Wafa Al-Islami to hold large-scale popular demonstrations and resistance to compromise with the Zionist regime and to take a stand against the plans of compromise and domination of arrogance to surrender the official institution to the global arrogant powers and the Zionist regime. Landed, push.

September 13 (September 22) is also declared as the National Day of Resistance against the normalization of Bahrain’s relations with the Zionist regime and the cry of support for Jerusalem and Palestine, and Bahrain is expected to witness a wave in the coming days, coinciding with the first anniversary of the Manama-Tel Aviv agreement. New popular movements in opposition to the normalization of relations with this regime.

Bahrain’s ambassador to occupied Palestine, Khaled Youssef al-Jalahma, arrived in Tel Aviv last Tuesday. In mid-January, the Zionist regime appointed Etai Tagner as its charge d’affaires in Manama.

The Zionist regime and Bahrain signed a compromise agreement in September 2020 called the “Abraham Agreement” under the supervision of former US President Donald Trump.

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