News i Agency – Baharvand warned against the politicization of the Ukrainian plane by Canada

According to News i Agency’s Foreign Policy Group, “Mohsen Baharvand”, Deputy Foreign Minister for Legal and International Affairs, today (Friday) attended the 223rd meeting of the ICAO Council and gave a detailed speech explaining our country’s views and activities regarding the Ukrainian plane crash.

In his speech, Baharvand, while expressing his condolences and condolences to the families of the victims of the accident, explained the legal, judicial and technical aspects of the accident.

He stressed the Iranian government’s decision to pay the families of the victims.

The Deputy Foreign Minister also welcomed any initiative or plan to improve international aviation safety by emphasizing Iran’s recommendations in the final report on Ukrainian aircraft and expressing satisfaction with ICAO’s attention to them and the preparation of work plans to implement these recommendations.

In response to the Canadian Minister of Transport’s unprofessional political and non-professional statements and positions at the meeting, Baharvand warned against any politicization of the issue and stated that such actions, under any pretext or justification, not only do not help improve aviation safety, It also deviates from the technical goals of ICAO and safe air transport.

The Chairman of the ICAO Council and the participating delegations appreciated the participation of the Iranian delegation and emphasized the technical and non-political aspects of the issue.

The third round of talks between Iran and Ukraine, chaired by Mohsen Baharvand, Deputy Foreign Minister for Legal and International Affairs, and Yevgeny Yenin, Deputy Foreign Minister of Ukraine, on the technical and legal aspects of the Ukrainian plane crash on Wednesday and Thursday (June 12 and 13) Held in Kiev.

In this regard, “Manouchehr Moradi”, the Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Ukraine, wrote in a tweet today (Friday, June 4): The third round of talks between the Deputy Foreign Ministers of the Islamic Republic of Iran and Ukraine on the PS752 flight crash after two days of intensive negotiations It ended seriously and in a constructive and professional atmosphere. During the talks, a wide range of issues were discussed, including criminal proceedings and technical issues, including aviation, flight safety, and Iran’s final report. Following the Iranian side’s report on the criminal proceedings and the measures taken to try the defendants, the Ukrainian side reaffirmed the jurisdiction of the Iranian courts to hear the case.

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