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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

News i Agency – Austria: The distribution of corona vaccine in the European Union is unfair

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According to News i Agency’s International Group, Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurtz today (Friday) criticized the market for over-the-counter vaccine doses in European countries, saying that some EU members have received higher doses than in other countries.

Describing the unfair distribution of the corona vaccine in the European Union, he said: “There is a market between member countries and pharmaceutical companies where additional contracts are concluded.”

The Austrian Chancellor said vaccines were not delivered based on the population of the countries, and that there were differences between member countries.

Kurtz said, for example, that two more malts had been vaccinated from Bulgaria and that the Netherlands had received additional doses.

He accused some member states of signing undisclosed vaccine contracts with pharmaceutical companies and called for transparency in those contracts.

Following the unbalanced distribution of the vaccine in the United States, the United Kingdom, and the Occupied Territories, EU member states expressed their frustration with the distribution of the corona vaccine.

US President Joe Biden also said on Thursday that the priority is to get the corona vaccine with the people of this country and if there is anything left over, it will be sent to other countries.

“We’re going to start and make sure the Americans get it first,” Biden told reporters as he announced the purchase of 100 million doses of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. “But then we help the rest of the world.”

The supply of the corona vaccine has now become a diplomatic dispute between Western countries. “I am shocked to hear of nationalist vaccine allegations against the European Union,” Council of Europe President Charles Michel wrote in a statement on Tuesday.

The President of the Council of Europe added: “In this matter, too, the facts do not lie. “Britain and the United States have explicitly banned the export of vaccines or vaccine-making items to the EU, but the European Union has never stopped exporting them.”

In a letter to Michelle, British Foreign Secretary Dominique Robb described his claims about the distribution of the Corona vaccine as “completely false” and on Wednesday, Nicole Manion, the EU’s deputy ambassador to London, was summoned to the British Foreign Office.

News i.



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