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News i Agency – Asaeb Ahl al-Haq in Iraq calls for speeding up investigation into Al-Farhatiyah crime

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According to News i Agency’s International Group, “Qais Al-Khazali” Secretary General of the Islamic Resistance MovementAsayeb People الحقIraq on the need to expedite the completion of professional investigationsی And Shafaf emphasized on the crime of “Al-Farhatiyah” and identifying the perpetrators of this crime and handing them over to the judiciary.

According to the news site “Priority”He expressed his condolences to the families of the victims of the crime and wished divine mercy to the victims, and called on the security services, including al-Hashdal al-Shaabi, to devote all their efforts to freeing the four hostages abducted in al-Farhatiyah.

He added: “Professional and transparent investigations should be put on the agenda to identify the perpetrators and hand them over to the law, and all responsible parties should work together to provide the necessary facilities for the return of refugees whose hands are not contaminated with innocent blood to Al-Farhatiyah area.” سیدغریب And other adjacent areas.

Saturday this week, Salah Provincial Police Command الدین In northern Iraq, an unidentified armed group announced the abduction of 12 civilians from the Al-Farhatiyah area of ​​Balad city in the south of the province. The bodies of eight of those abducted were later announced. It turned out that all of them had lost their lives in the shooting, and the fate of the other four is still unknown.

Following the Al-Farhatiya incident, “Ammar al-Jabr Khalil,” the governor of Salahالدین Iraq sent an emergency letter to the Office of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces calling for an immediate investigation into the incident. Representatives and political figures of the province also issued a joint statement calling for an end to such attacks in Salahالدین Were.

The Iraqi Prime Minister headed a security and military delegation to Salah a day after the incidentالدین In order to be closely acquainted with the details of this case and issued orders in this regard. The parliamentary committee investigating the crime is scheduled to announce the results of its investigation tomorrow (Thursday).

In the meantime, some tried to link the crime to al-Hashdal al-Shaabi forces, which met with a reaction from the organization, which announced that its forces were not stationed in al-Farhatiyah.

“Qasim Al-Kariti” is the operational manager of the 41st Brigade الحشد Al-Shaabi, based in Salah provinceالدین In a televised interview, he clarified aspects of al-Farhatiyah’s crime, saying that al-Hashdal al-Shaabi was facing organized charges and that some biased media outlets were deliberately targeting the organization. But accusing الحشد About the recent crime in Salah province الدین It is baseless and false. Forces الحشد They are not present in al-Farhatiyah, and it is a free zone between the military and security units. Isis In the meantime, he cleanses all those who cooperate with Al-Hashdal Shaabi.

He stressed that the attack on al-Farhatiyah Isis And why Isis He was able to attack this area due to the disturbance and imbalance in the deployment of forces. Al-Farhatiyah is a rugged area Isis It is used to carry out guerrilla attacks. We are short of thermal cameras and planes that have shelters Isis Identify, we encounter. Meanwhile, the 52nd Brigade prevented us from passing through this area to find hiding places Isis Been. Nevertheless we have a relief line Isis We cut it in Yathrib and Tal-ul-Dhahab. For the same reason Isis Seeking to create sedition in between الحشد And the people are through the Al-Farhatiya incident.

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