News i Agency – American Coalition: A rocket hit near the green zone

According to News i Agency’s International Group, the American coalition in Iraq announced on Sunday morning that a rocket had hit near the Green Zone in Baghdad.

Wayne Maruto, spokesman for the US-led International Coalition Against ISIS Twitter page “At around 15 minutes local time, the Baghdad Diplomatic Support Center was attacked by a rocket,” he wrote.

“The rocket hit near the center but did not cause any financial or human damage,” Maruto said, adding that the US military was investigating the attack.

“Any attack on the coalition undermines the rule of law and the independence of Iraqi national sovereignty,” he claimed in another tweet.

Minutes later, some local media in Iraq, including “Saber NewsAl-Arabiya reported that sirens had been sounded at the Ain al-Assad base, where US troops are stationed.

The media also reported that the forces present at the base were on standby.

Iraqi news sources also reported last week that rockets hit the base of Ain al-Assad, the largest US military base in western Iraq.

More than five 122mm rockets hit critical positions inside the base, Sabrine News reported. Reports indicated that the US Air Defense failed to intercept the rockets. (More details)

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