News i Agency – Abtahi in Al-Mayadin: Rouhani’s failure is a reason for reduced participation; We will not be angry with the elections

According to News i Agency International Group, news network المیادین Lebanon hosted former Vice President Seyed Mohammad Ali Abtahi today, Thursday, as part of a special program to cover the Iranian presidential election.

In this program, Abtahi introduced the fundamentalists as the winners of the elections and claimed in advance that the participation of the people in the current elections will be low. He claimed that whenever the turnout is low, the result is in favor of the fundamentalists, he said, the fundamentalists have a definite vote that does not increase and whenever they all participate and the other party does not participate, they win and I think in This stage, too, is won by the fundamentalists.

“So you predict that a principled candidate will win this election;” ابطحی [با خنده] He replied, “Yes, people say.” [رئیس جمهور] chosen.

Abtahi: Rouhani is one of the reasons for the low participation

Moderator: What do you say? Abtahi: We want to be practically active in the elections. Moderator: You said a moment ago that Iranians are disappointed in the current situation – Abtahi: Polls say so [که اصولگرایان پیروز انتخابات هستند].

Moderator: Isn’t that the reason for the failures of the Rouhani government? Abtahi: Yes, this is an issue … Also …

Moderator: No reformist candidate? – ابطحی [مقصود مجری را متوجه نشد و گفت] Mr. Rouhani is not a reformer. He had the support of the reformists, and of course in the second government he did not use the reformists and did not say at all that he was a reformist. Well, the problem [ناکامی و عملکرد] Spirituality is a cause. Another reason for the intense pressure from Rouhani’s opponents … as if they liked Trump putting pressure on Iran, as well as in today’s talks [مقصود وی، مناظرات است] No one said that Iran has been under intense pressure from Trump and that all the problems are being returned to Rouhani and inside the country. We are in the days [ریاست جمهوری] Trump, we were in a real war with maximum pressure on Iran.

“Are you not afraid that if you do not participate in this election, it will have a negative impact on the future of the reformists?” Abtahi replied: We are not absent. We are present in the elections, but there is no official reformist candidate left for us.

“Well, you do not have an official reformist candidate, but a while ago a fundamentalist newspaper – whose name I do not remember – wrote that the Guardian Council gave you a gift [اصلاح‌طلبان] It is because you do not have any vote to run in the elections. Abtahi replied: Well, this is the word of the election days. These days it is said. We nominated nine candidates and they rejected.

Al-Mayadin said: ‌ Mr. Abtahi, you said that the election is over and the president has been elected; Abtahi interrupted the presenter and replied: No. What I said … was a joke. The host of the squares said, “Were you joking or was it your serious word?” Abtahi said, no. I said that people say that. The host said: What do people say? – Abtahi said: in the public space of society, it is said that all reformists reject [صلاحیت] And the way is open for the principled candidate.

The presenter of the squares asked: Which candidate exactly? Abtahi: I do not think all principled candidates will stay until the end. Moderator: Are you specifically talking about Mr. Raisi? – Abtahi: Yes. Moderator: So you say that Mr. Raisi will be the next president. Abtahi: If people do not go to the polls this week [بله، آقای رئیسی رئیس جمهور می‌شود] Because in the previous round, in the last week, Mr. Khatami asked the people to repeat their vote for the Rouhani government, and the atmosphere changed completely in the last week.

Abtahi in Al-Mayadin Studio in Tehran

“I think if you follow the issues of Iran from previous years, you will see that we are under a lot of pressure after the 2009 presidential election,” Abtahi said in response to another question about whether the reformist front needs to restructure today. . All the newspapers and media are propagandizing against our leaders, and two prominent members are in compulsory residence. Naturally, in this atmosphere and the spiritual problem … which he declared to be reformist … Moderator: Did he mistreat the reformists? – Abtahi: ‌ Yes, he announced at the beginning … We introduced nine candidates and all of them were rejected. We hope that the participation of the people will be high. But the reality is that people still do not want to participate. If you go on the street now and ask questions, you will understand. However, we are not angry with the elections. This revolution is our revolution … but this time our candidates were all rejected.

The rally was a big one for the boss

The presenter of the program, referring to the pictures of the election rally for Seyed Ebrahim Raisi in Khuzestan province, described it as a “big rally” and stated that this presence proves that there are many motivations for participation. [مردم] He is in the elections, he asked, if Raisi wins this election and says that he wants to form a coalition government and reach out, what do you say for this? In Iran, colorful slogans are chanted. The candidates are chanting slogans on TV, but I do not think these slogans will be implemented in the field … I welcome Mr. Ra’isi’s statement that we should pay attention to the different ethnicities of Iran, and regarding the formation of a coalition government, I do not think he The formation of a coalition government is a coalition with the reformists, and I think it is a coalition with the currents within fundamentalism.

Al-Mayadin concluded by asking how important the participation of the people in the elections is, apart from the differences between the reformists and the fundamentalists. Abtahi replied: I personally believe that it is important for people to participate. Because it is the determination of the fate of the country and we can not be indifferent to the determination of the fate of the country. Through your network, I call on all people, brothers and sisters, to participate enthusiastically in the elections, because the high participation in the dialogue with the West and other issues … is the support of the country.

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