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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

News i Agency – A bilateral meeting of the Foreign Ministers of Turkmenistan and Afghanistan was held

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The foreign ministers of Afghanistan and Turkmenistan arrived in the province today, according to News i Agency’s Afghanistan website. The foreign ministers of the two countries, who have arrived in Herat with high-level delegations in the economic and political sectors, are scheduled to discuss two economic and political projects in a two-day meeting, and it is said that an agreement will be reached between the two countries after the meeting.

At the opening of the bilateral meeting with Turkmenistan, Afghan Foreign Minister Hanif Atmar said: “Seven important economic and political projects will be discussed in the two-day meeting.”

He added that projects such as TAPI, gas, electricity, railway between Afghanistan and Turkmenistan that will connect Afghanistan to South Asia, export of marble, transit and trade through the azure line, which is also important for the region, renew trade relations between The two countries, in relation to peace and security, are on the agenda of this meeting, which will be discussed at every opportunity.

He added: “Given that Afghanistan is currently in the third wave of the Corona crisis and is in dire need of oxygen to treat hospitalized patients in Corona, we have asked Turkmenistan to provide assistance in this regard, as in the past, in the first and second waves of the corona.” Health with Afghanistan have provided the required oxygen.

The Afghan Foreign Minister thanked the President of Turkmenistan for his good cooperation with Afghanistan and called for the expansion of these relations.

On the other hand, Turkmen Foreign Minister Rashid Murdov said: “As we decide as a result of joint work for the benefit of our citizens, we also have a responsibility for these decisions.”

He noted: “Every time I visit Afghanistan, I always emphasize that the basis of negotiations between Afghanistan and Turkmenistan is the friendly relations based on the prudent decisions of the presidents of Turkmenistan and Afghanistan.”

He continued: “30 years have passed since the relations between the two countries and Turkmenistan will celebrate its 30th anniversary of neutrality next year.”

He added: “Turkmenistan has many historical, cultural and customs commonalities with Afghanistan, and these commonalities are a solid basis for expanding cooperation between Afghanistan and Turkmenistan. Based on these commonalities, we will achieve good results in the two-day talks between the two ministers.”

It is worth mentioning that while a bilateral meeting between Afghanistan and Turkmenistan was held in Herat to review large projects such as TAPI, which is almost 5 years since the inauguration of the TAPI project in Herat, but so far this project has not become practical.

Citizens and civil activists in Herat say that, as in the past, large meetings are held to create or inaugurate projects, but these meetings are only a show and have not yet taken place.

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