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News i Agency – 16 Chinese fighters intercepted by Hawk jets of the Malaysian Air Force

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According to News i Agency’s International Group, news sources reported that 16 Chinese army fighter jets were intercepted by Malaysian Air Force fighter jets on Tuesday afternoon, Tehran time.

According to news sources, Malaysian Air Force training jets claimed to have intercepted 16 Chinese fighter jets in the area. The Malaysian Air Force claimed that the fighters had entered Malaysian airspace near the South China Sea. According to the Malaysian Air Force, the Chinese G-11 fighter jets escorted a number of Chinese Y-20 logistics aircraft.

Tea newspaperNo Morning PostHe went into more detail about the incident and wrote that the incident took place on Monday and Chinese fighters approached the state of Sabah in the country. The Malaysian Air Force said in a statement Tuesday night local time that the move posed a serious threat to Malaysia’s security. The Malaysian Air Force announced the flight altitude of Chinese fighters at 27,000 feet and their speed at 290 knots.

The Malaysian Air Force claims that Chinese fighters made no contact with the Malaysian Watchtower, following which Hawk 208 fighters at Labuan Air Base intercepted Chejin jets.

The source informed the Foreign Ministry and the Mazi Defense Ministry of their contacts with each other for an immediate investigation into the matter. Chinese officials have so far declined to comment.

The Malaysian defense minister recently warned that tensions and tensions in the South China Sea could turn into one of the deadliest conflicts in the world. Malaysia and China dispute over ownership of parts of the South China Sea. US involvement in disputes between Malaysia, the Philippines, Brunei, Vietnam and Taiwan over China over ownership of parts of the South China Sea has heightened tensions.

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