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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

News i Agency – 10 Lebanese citizens detained in the UAE will be released tomorrow

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According to News i Agency’s International Group, after Brigadier General Abbas Ibrahim, Director General of the Lebanese Public Security Directorate, announced last Saturday that the case of Lebanese detainees in the UAE had been opened, he said that a number of Lebanese citizens would be released in the next few hours. They will be returned to the country. On Sunday (January 31st), a Lebanese citizen detained in the UAE was returned to his country, and another number of these detainees are scheduled to be released tomorrow.

Media sources announced yesterday that “Zaid al-Dhaika”, the first Lebanese citizen out of a total of 11 Lebanese prisoners in the UAE, was released and after his release flew from Dubai to the international airport and was welcomed by family members and relatives.

Al-Manar also broadcast images of the Lebanese citizen, who had been detained in the UAE for four months, entering Rafiq al-Hariri International Airport.

Network news site LBCI Lebanon Today wrote that tomorrow (Tuesday, February 3rd), 10 more Lebanese citizens detained in the UAE will be released and returned to their country.

“I have been in constant contact with the Emirati authorities for the past two years to resolve these cases,” said the director general of the Lebanese Public Security Directorate, which mediates the release of these Lebanese citizens. “I will not talk about these cases because we have not yet completed them.”

The Lebanese security and intelligence official said two days ago that Emirati officials had officially promised their Lebanese counterparts that they would release a large group of detainees in the next few hours and that they would be returned to Lebanon.

Asked about the number of Lebanese detainees in the UAE, he said: “There are 30 of them and more than half of them will be returned to Lebanon in the next few hours.”

The Lebanese media also published the names of a number of people who are expected to be released in the next few hours, including: Zaid al-Ziqa, Mohammad al-Dar, Nader Khalil, Mohammad Hosseini, Hussein Zarik, Maher al-Zain, Zaher Khalil, Zaher al-Zain, Hassan Zariq, Ali Mokhdar and Hassan Morteza.

Arrests of Lebanese in the UAE began in 2015, and in May 2019, the UAE released five Lebanese detainees. But the same year, the UAE judiciary sentenced a Lebanese citizen named Abdul Rahman Schumann to life in prison and two citizens, Ahmad Sobh and Hussein Barda, to 10 years in prison.

Abdul Rahman Schumann, along with six others working for UAE Airlines, was arrested on charges of trying to form groups linked to Lebanon’s Hezbollah.

Even Amnesty International reacted to the trial of Lebanese citizens in the UAE, describing it as cruel and declaring that their trial was based on forced confessions under torture.

The Lebanese ambassador to the UAE, Fouad Dandan, recently said in an interview following the news of the arrest of 14 Lebanese citizens in the UAE that he did not have exact information on the matter, but that the investigation into the detainees was still confidential. But he is in contact with the families of the detainees and the Emirati authorities who allow the detainees to communicate with their families.

There have been several recent reports of the UAE cracking down on Lebanese citizens following Abu Dhabi’s compromise agreement with Tel Aviv.

The Lebanese newspaper Al-Akhbar wrote in a report last month: “After stopping the arbitrary detention of Lebanese in the UAE or making security files for them without any documents, it seems that the UAE has resumed the detention of Lebanese living in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the last of which are seven Lebanese.” Were arrested last month; Their families have also been pressured not to cover the issue.

Zionist officials also acknowledge the cooperation between Abu Dhabi and Tel Aviv against Hezbollah in Lebanon. “Israel is working with the UAE and Bahrain to declare the countries of the world a terrorist organization,” said Yoshua Zarqa, director of strategic affairs at the Israeli Foreign Ministry, shortly before the regime’s new conspiracy with the UAE and Bahrain against Lebanon. “May God convince Lebanon.”

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