Nawanelli, Kovacs and Greta Tonberg among Nobel Peace Prize nominees

Alexei Navanli, Russia’s opponent of the World Health Organization, and Greta Tonberg, a climate activist, are among those nominated for this year’s Nobel Peace Prize, all backed by Norwegian lawmakers with a record of winning. Thousands, from parliamentarians around the world to former winners, are eligible to run for office. Elections, which close today, Sunday, do not imply endorsement by the Nobel Committee.

“Norwegian lawmakers have chosen the final winner every year since 2014, except 2019,” said Henrik Erdal, head of the Oslo Peace Research Institute. The pattern of recent years is stunning.

The Norwegian Nobel Committee, which decides who wins the prize, does not comment on the nominees and has kept their and non-nominated names secret for 50 years.

But voters have the right to choose to disclose their choice.

According to Norwegian lawmakers Reuters, the candidates include Tonberg, Navalny, the World Health Organization and the organization’s COVAX program to ensure fair access to Covid 19 vaccines in poor countries.

Tonberg was named one of the keynote speakers on the fight against the climate crisis, and his “Fridays for the Future” campaign was approved.

Navalny, chosen by Russian academics, was nominated by former Norwegian Minister Olva Alston for her “efforts to achieve democracy peacefully in Russia.”

Freedom of Information was one of the recurring themes for the award, and its nominees included the US-based Committee for the Protection of Journalists, Zeinab El Razoui, a former Charlie Hebdo journalist, and the Hong Kong Free Press news website. The International Truth-Finding and Reporters Without Borders were based in Paris.

Other candidates include former US President Donald Trump, NATO and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

The International Space Station and the International Scout Movement are also on the list for their peaceful struggle for independence in the Western Sahara.

The winner of the Nobel Peace Prize 2021 will be announced in October.

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