Mufti of Syria: We will not let any American stay in Syria / The election was a message to the world

In a speech, the Syrian mufti called the presidential election a message to the world and said that popular resistance in eastern Syria and Idlib was inevitable.

According to News i, quoting Al-Mayadin News Network, Ahmad Badruddin Hassoun, the Mufti of Syria, said in a speech that the aim of the Syrian enemies was to destroy it and some wanted to hand over power in Egypt and Syria to extremists to justify the destruction of the two countries. By the Zionists.

He added: “Today we are paying the price for our position and opposition in resolving disputes with Israel.

Hassoun also stressed that Palestine is the crown of Syria, Lebanon is its lung and Jordan is behind it.

Referring to his country’s presidential election, he said: “What happened in Syria was a message to the whole world.”

Addressing Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, the Syrian official also stressed: “What we saw in the Syrian squares was not because of you personally, and it is because of the message that you carry.”

Addressing the Syrian people, he said: “You have taught the world that you know nothing of hatred and enmity.”

Addressing the Kurds of this country, the Mufti of Syria also emphasized: Your honor is in Damascus, not in Washington.

“Popular resistance is inevitable and we will not allow any American to remain in eastern Syria or Idlib,” he said.

“I tell those who support the occupiers in northern Syria that sooner or later you will see us. Western and Arab countries played a role in what happened in Syria,” Hassoun said. Syria is an Arab country where there are different races and citizens, all of whom are Syrians, Muslims and Christians, and they are the children of one country, and the words of some scholars and scholars of sedition were used with the aim of dispersing the deficit.

News i


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