Morocco condemns Council of Europe resolution on immigration crisis with Spain

The Moroccan House of Representatives (first part of Parliament) on Friday condemned the European Parliament’s decision on the crisis between Rabat and Madrid over the issue of illegal immigration to the Spanish-run city of Ceuta.

The European Parliament on Thursday voted 397 in favor, 85 against and 196 abstentions in a resolution condemning “Morocco’s use of unaccompanied minors in the immigration crisis in Ceuta”. , Voted.

According to the European Parliament, Morocco uses minors as a means of “political pressure” on Spain.

The Moroccan parliament condemned the move in a statement after an emergency meeting in the last hours of Thursday.

Morocco called the European decision “a maneuver to divert attention from the political crisis between Morocco and Spain” and said it was a failed attempt to Europeanize the bilateral crisis (between Morocco and Spain).

The Moroccan parliament regretted Spain’s use of the European Parliament as a tool and lever of pressure.

Moroccan officials have stepped up their border guards with the Sebteh (Spanish-ruled) border on May 17 and 18, following escalating tensions between Morocco and Spain following a medical visit to Spain under the pseudonym of the Polisario Front. Moroccans were allowed to enter the small town. Young Moroccans were also able to enter Sabte. Although more than half of them have returned, more than a thousand live in this Spanish part despite the difficult conditions.

In early June, King Mohammed VI of Morocco issued a “pre-emptive resolution” on the issue of homeless children in European countries, especially France and Spain, following strong criticism from Europe and in a preemptive move ahead of the European Council. It led to the return of dozens of minors to Morocco. According to Moroccan NGOs, the number of unaccompanied Moroccan children in Europe, especially in Spain and France, is around 20,000.

Relations between Rabat and Madrid follow Spain’s welcome to Ibrahim Ghally, leader of the Polisario Front, for treating the corona virus with a “false identity” and the influx of some 8,000 illegal immigrants from Morocco to the Spanish-administered city of Ceuta It can be critical.

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