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Merkel’s last visit to Britain; “The beginning of a new chapter in bilateral relations”

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel paid an official visit to Britain on Friday. He was greeted by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson at the Chickers Resort in Buckinghamshire. Merkel was the guest of the British throne after meeting with the Prime Minister, the guest of Queen Elizabeth II.

This was Merkel’s 22nd official visit to Britain as Chancellor in the past 16 years, according to News i.

During a press conference between the German and British presidents, the German Chancellor spoke of the opening of a new leaf in the office of “stable” bilateral relations after Briggs.

The issue of Northern Ireland remains one of the EU’s challenges with Britain. “I think we can find a pragmatic solution within the framework of the Protocol on Northern Ireland, as we negotiated,” Merkel said, expressing hope for resolving tensions between Brussels and London in the post-Brigade era. A solution that, on the one hand, preserves the integrity of the European single market and, on the other hand, plays a role in finding a solution that is acceptable to the people. The good news is that the implementation of the protocol has been extended for another three months. During this time we must really be able to solve the problem in a pragmatic way. “I am optimistic.”

The leaders of the two countries did not agree on the rapid spread of the coronavirus delta in Britain.

Angela Merkel is trying to persuade the leaders of 27 European countries to quarantine travelers from Britain, thus preventing the Delta outbreak in Europe. Boris Johnson is urging European countries to lift restrictions on vaccinated British tourists, at least during the summer holidays.

Despite the much faster pace and progress of the vaccination campaign in Britain than in the European Union, the country has been grappling with a wave of delta outbreaks for several weeks. On Thursday alone, 28,000 new cases of Covid-19 were identified in the UK.

News i



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