Mayenne on the red list in Belgium: "We are currently witnessing a Mayenne bashing which is highly unfair", denounces Senator Elisabeth Doineau

The elected UDI speaks of an "excessive communication" stigmatizing her department and which she said was "very negative on reservations". She invites "everyone to come to Mayenne".

Belgium placed the department of Mayenne on its red list on Sunday 2 August. A decision which reflects "disproportionate anxieties", reacted on News i Elisabeth Doineau, UDI senator from Mayenne, Monday, August 3."All Mayenne residents share this opinion, we are currently witnessing a Mayenne bashing which is highly unfair for our department", she denounced.

"There are sources of contamination, but we were one of the first departments to spot them and to test very hard, defends Elisabeth Doineau. And so, today, we can say that the positivity rate is falling and this is good news, the fact of wearing the mask also in some cities helps reassure the population and also reassure all tourism stakeholders. . "

In a letter published Monday, the president of the departmental council of Mayenne accused the Regional Health Agency (ARS) of stigmatizing the department. Elisabeth Doineau is not so hard: "I think their figures are good, that they are worried, it's their job after it's true that you have to take a step back from these figures, says Senator UDI. The doctor from the ARS uses this metaphor of the fishing net, the more we extend it and the more positive cases we find. This is absolutely normal. You have to look at this curve with the positivity rate and right now, if you look at it, the positivity rate in Mayenne is the same as that of Sarthe. "

Our efforts are paying off, Mayenne is perhaps a much safer department than other places where you find sources of contamination.Elisabeth Doineau, UDI senator from Mayenneto News i

Elisabeth Doineau does not think that Mayenne is a particularly risky area. "We think it's a bad joke because in reality, Mayenne no more than other resorts would be more contaminated. Behind that, there is a flagrant injustice.

This excessive communication about our department was very negative for reservations in Mayenne.Elisabeth doineauto News i

Wearing a mask has been compulsory in public places in 69 municipalities in the department since Monday. "On the one hand, it is also reassuring because tourists tell themselves when crossing the Mayenne that the instructions are extremely well followed, affirms Elisabeth Doineau. Today I invite everyone to come to Mayenne because we are undoubtedly one of the first departments which has detected the most and which has confined the most those who would test positive and I think that in the coming days we will see a very significant drop in our positivity rate. "

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