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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Kukhawi: The escape of Palestinian prisoners has had regional implications

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While the Israeli army chief of staff announced that the escape of Palestinian prisoners from the prison had regional implications, the prime minister called for full vigilance and continued cooperation to detain two other Palestinian prisoners.

According to News i, quoting the Palestinian news agency Sama, Avi Kokhawi, the chief of staff of the Israeli army, visited the operation room set up to search for Palestinian prisoners who escaped from Jalboua prison. “This incident has had regional effects and consequences for other fronts,” he said during the visit. Thousands of troops are seeking to clear up the confusion over the whereabouts of the two remaining captives. The army is ready for all scenarios.

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett also said: “We must remain vigilant and continue to work together to detain the remaining two of the six escaped prisoners.”

He praised the cooperation between the security apparatuses of the Zionist regime and said: “The key to success is cooperation between all agencies.” We must continue to exchange information and accurately divide missions between security devices.

On Monday, six Palestinian prisoners escaped through a tunnel in Jalboua prison, but Israeli forces detained four of them.

A senior Israeli security official called the escape operation very accurate. Homeland Security Secretary Omar Barrell also called the incident a major setback.

Israeli Interior Minister Ailt Shakid also said on Saturday that the escape operation was a serious failure that could not be covered up.

Also, Abu Ubaydah, the military spokesman of Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades, said on Saturday: “The re-arrest of the heroes of the Freedom Tunnel will not erase this stigma that has fallen on the forehead of the Israeli security establishment.”

He said: “The escape of prisoners once again showed the fragility of the enemy’s security.” No exchange deal with the enemy will take place unless it includes prisoners who escaped from Jalboo prison.

News i



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