Iraq: There are no armed groups in Sinjar / We obtained important ISIL information and equipment in Hamrin

The Iraqi Joint Operations Command has denied the presence of any armed groups in Sinjar, Ninawa Governorate.

According to the Egyptian daily Al-Yawm Al-Sabeeh, the Iraqi Joint Operations Command today (Monday) denied the presence of any armed group inside Sinjar in Ninawa Governorate and stressed: “The security situation in Sinjar is completely stable.”

Tahsin al-Khafaji, a spokesman for the command, told the Iraqi National News Agency: “The forces present in Sinjar include the army and local police forces affiliated with the central government, which are carrying out their duties under the supervision of the West Ninawa Operations Command.”

The spokesman for the Iraqi Joint Operations Command also told Sky News Arabic that a large number of ISIL terrorists had been killed in a pre-emptive operation against the terrorist group: “We will continue our pre-emptive operations against the ISIS strongholds.”

A spokesman for the Joint Operations Command also announced that security forces and a popular mobilization had access to important data and equipment of ISIL elements in Hamrin, and said that the air force would continue to destroy ISIL bases west of Hamrin.

The spokesman added: “The popular mobilization axes were able to obtain important equipment and information of ISIL in the operation west of Hamrin.

Al-Khafaji stated: The security forces advanced in several directions and five ISIL members were killed in the F-16 airstrike in Iraq.

He noted that Operation West Hamrin is aimed at pursuing terrorist elements fleeing Kirkuk and Salah al-Din to Diyala so that safe havens are not created for terrorists there.

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