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Iraq agrees with three Western countries to build nuclear reactors

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The Iraqi Radioactive Resources Control Organization stressed the need for agreements with Russia, France and the United States to build nuclear reactors.

According to News i, Kamal Hossein Latif, head of the Radioactive Resources Control Organization, said that the State Committee for the Construction of Nuclear Reactors for Research Purposes held several preliminary meetings to review the International Atomic Energy Agency’s data and instructions for building reactors and held talks with the Russian Embassy in Baghdad. done.

He noted that the meetings with the Russian side had led to the writing of a multi-stakeholder memorandum of understanding to expedite the construction of the reactors. He also met with officials at the French embassy in Baghdad to discuss Iraq’s need for nuclear reactors to generate electricity. شد.

“The French side is eager to work with Iraq on the peaceful use of nuclear energy, and we look forward to reaching a full agreement to find out,” Latif said. We are the details of this cooperation.

He continued: “We have also requested a meeting with the relevant US officials, and a high-level government delegation will meet in this regard soon.”

According to Middle East News, Saran al-Ajabi, a member of the Iraqi parliament’s Security and Defense Committee, also expressed hope that Iraq, like other countries in the region and the world, would have nuclear reactors.

“Nuclear reactors are not just for military purposes, but many countries around the world use them to generate nuclear energy and other peaceful issues,” he said.

“Nuclear reactors require huge infrastructure and funding that will impose a heavy financial burden on the current government,” he said. “Iraq’s nuclear reactors before 2003 caused a lot of problems and were targeted several times, but new reactors must be used for their purposes.” Be peaceful.

In October 2020, the Radioactivity Control Agency of Iraq stated that five countries, the United States, Russia, Argentina, South Korea and France, wanted to participate in the construction of a new nuclear reactor in Iraq.

News i



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