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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

In the ensuing war, the Palestinians will fire more than 4,500 rockets in 11 days

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High-ranking security sources in Tel Aviv stated that in the coming war, the Palestinians will not fire 4,500 missiles into the occupied territories in 11 days, but will be much more than that.

“I am trying to understand in the last few days what is going on in the security establishment and the Israeli government: War Minister Bani Gantz,” Israeli military analyst Nutham Amir wrote in an analysis for the Hebrew-language newspaper Makoor Rishon, according to the London-based Rai Al-Youm newspaper. In the middle of the night, he goes to Ramallah and gives loans and gifts to Mahmoud Abbas, the head of the Palestinian Authority, and strengthens his relations with the organization. In the towns around Gaza (Gaza podium), Israel is curbing “terrorism” and increasing it after four nights of incidents along the border instead of depriving Gaza of its facilities. Goods were allowed to enter Gaza yesterday. Previously, these goods were not allowed to enter because Hamas uses them to build military infrastructure. Thousands of Palestinian workers were also allowed to enter Israel, and the fishing grounds expanded to 15 miles.

He said: What is going on in the security institution? What happens at the political level where these decisions are agreed upon? In my opinion, Israel and Hamas are on the path of a prisoner exchange deal. It seems that Israel has decided to return to a comprehensive settlement with Hamas. What Israel wants first and foremost is a long-term ceasefire. This can only be achieved when a prisoner-of-war exchange agreement is signed. Recently, there have been different positions, and some say that if the decision is to try to set fire, then the price should be paid with the release of Palestinian prisoners. But the ceasefire has two consequences: first, it is a gift to Hamas in the form of humanitarian reconstruction and large-scale facilities for the Gaza Strip, and second, it is an opportunity to give Palestinian militant groups a chance by increasing their military power; An issue that will sooner or later lead to future conflict.

“No one in the Israeli army, Shabak, Mossad, the Internal Security Council and the Israeli government knows exactly what is happening,” said Nawam Amir. Despite this, the approach seems to be that surrendering to some of Hamas’ demands is the only way to bring peace to Gaza and regional stability and political peace. First of all, if the Palestinian prisoners are released, Hamas considers it a great victory. Behind the border wall, it is always said that resistance is what will lead to the release of prisoners. In addition, in the coming war, the Palestinians will not fire 4,500 missiles at Israel in 11 days, but will fire many more.

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