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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Guttierez: The pervasive distribution of the vaccine is the only way to get past the Crohn’s nightmare

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“Our global tests and challenges are getting bigger and more complex,” the UN secretary-general told the Munich Security Conference. Nevertheless, our answers are still inadequate. Covid-19 highlighted these issues well and showed fragility and deep fractures.

“These vulnerabilities go far beyond the Corona pandemic and public health issues,” UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres was quoted as saying in a speech to the Munich Security Conference. Climate catastrophe awaits us, inequality and discrimination are destroying the social fabric, corruption is destroying trust, the struggle for women’s rights is under pressure to push back, the goals of sustainable development are out of the way, The behavior of the Wild West in cyberspace has given rise to new factors of instability, and even the nuclear disarmament regime is declining, despite recent US and Russian decisions to extend the new START treaty.

“The universal distribution of the corona vaccine is the only way out of the corona nightmare,” he said. It is quite clear that the current situation is chaotic. Of course, we are seeing good signs that Western countries are supporting the (anti-coronation initiative) Kovacs. We are witnessing several countries announcing that they will share their additional vaccines with other countries. But 75% of the corona vaccine doses distributed so far have been in only 10 countries. More than 100 countries around the world have not received a single dose of the vaccine. The danger is that if we only vaccinate developed countries and allow the virus to spread to developing countries, the virus will mutate.

He added: “With the mutation of the virus, the new strain of the virus will be more dangerous and will have more power to resist vaccines, and it is likely that the nightmare will once again affect developed countries, ie countries that thought they had protected their own people. But old vaccines will not be able to fight new strains of the virus. For this reason, it is essential that all the worlds be mobilized so that all human beings everywhere can be vaccinated as soon as possible. For this purpose, we need an emergency working group. In my opinion, the G20 is the best platform for forming such a working group.

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