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Gorbachev: Russia and the United States must agree to reduce nuclear weapons


The last Soviet leader stressed that Russia and the United States should agree on a reduction in nuclear weapons and invite other nuclear powers such as France, Britain and China to participate in the talks.

According to News i, Mikhail Gorbachev, the last Soviet leader on the 30th anniversary of the signing of the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty, signed on July 31, 1991, told Sputnik that the issue of reducing strategic offensive weapons was still on the agenda and expressed hope. Neither the US nor the Russian side will interfere in the strategic stability talks that began last week between Russia and the United States.

“Stability alone is not enough,” Gorbachev said. We have to negotiate on lower levels of nuclear weapons. Then we can import other countries that have nuclear weapons, such as China, Britain, France and others. After that, we can move forward together towards the ultimate goal of reducing nuclear weapons. I have said this many times and I repeat it again. There can be no other goal because nuclear war is unacceptable.

Washington and Moscow have previously agreed to extend the new START treaty, and in a joint statement said the two sides are committed to controlling nuclear weapons, stressing that victory in a nuclear war is not possible and should never happen.

In June, Russian President Vladimir Putin met with his American counterpart Joe Biden in Geneva. After the talks, Putin stressed that Russia and the United States are responsible for global stability because they are “important nuclear superpowers in the discussion of nuclear warheads and the quality and modernity of weapons.”

The veteran Russian politician also said about the Geneva talks: “It is good that the talks on strategic stability finally started, according to the agreement between President Putin and Joe Biden.” I hope no one sabotages them.

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