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Ghani: I did not run away, I will return / I did not bring anything with me

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Former Afghan President Ashraf Ghani revealed new details of his escape in a video message.

According to News i, Ghani told the Afghan people in a 9-minute video on his Facebook page that he was in the United Arab Emirates.

He said he was forced to leave Afghanistan because he did not want to cause bloodshed in Kabul.

Ghani added that the Taliban had promised not to enter Kabul, but that the presidential palace in Afghanistan was already surrounded. The security officials informed me that there was a conspiracy against me. I either had to stay or I had to go. The international envoys told me that if I did not go, the situation would deteriorate and Afghanistan would become like Syria and Yemen. I had to leave the country.

He urged people not to pay attention to false rumors about fleeing the country with money. To those who say I fled Afghanistan, I tell you not to judge for no reason. Do not believe anyone who said that your president ran away.

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani said he had left the country after being informed of a “coup” by his bodyguards.

“I am in the UAE,” he said. The past few days passed quickly, I was in contact with the Taliban before I left the country.

“The Taliban promised us not to enter the capital, but they were around the presidential palace early,” he said. “My guards told me there was a coup. The Taliban and unknown individuals entered the citadel. It was like a bloody incident 25 years ago, I did not want Afghanistan to be disenfranchised, I had to leave Afghanistan, no one resisted to prevent people who spoke a foreign language from entering.

Ghani also explained that he was forced to leave the capital and that he had left the country “to prevent bloodshed”.

In his speech, Ghani denied the reports that he left the country with money and said: “I came out with my clothes, shoes and turban … I came to the host country empty-handed.” I did not have the opportunity to take off my slippers and put on my shoes. I did not take anything out with me. I even went out in local clothes. I had no coordination about leaving Afghanistan. I immediately went out with a shirt and cap. It is a lie for me to take money out of Afghanistan. My departure from Kabul did not worsen the situation in Kabul.

He also said: “I welcome the peace talks that are being pursued by Abdullah Abdullah and Hamid Karzai and I wish them success.” Thanks again to all my security forces.

In the end, Ghani said: I do not intend to flee and be exiled. I am currently in the UAE to stop the bloodshed and I am consulting to return to Afghanistan.

News i



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