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Families of Bahraini political prisoners detained following protests / increase in number of coroners in prison

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The Bahrain Institute for Democracy and Human Rights and the American Organization for Democracy and Human Rights say Bahraini authorities have detained members of the families of prominent political prisoners in the country for participating in peaceful demonstrations demanding the release of their family members.

According to News i, citing Al-Maluma News Agency, sources said that Bahraini officials summoned Jafar Ramadan and Ramadan Issa for questioning on April 6, as there was a small protest to demand the release of Mohammad Ramadan. The two were released on bail that day, but were summoned to the Samahij police station in the early hours of Friday on charges of illegal assembly.

According to the statement, unauthorized gatherings of more than five people are illegal under Bahraini law.

The Bahraini prosecutor’s office recently announced that it has increased the maximum sentence for unauthorized gatherings to three years in prison and a fine of 5,000 dinars, under the pretext of measures taken against the corona.

Meanwhile, Amnesty International reports that cases of coronary heart disease have increased among detainees at Bahrain’s Central Atmospheric Prison.

The organization stressed that the outbreak of the Corona virus in prisons in recent weeks is a clear indication of the failure of Bahraini officials to respect the minimum principles of interaction with prisoners and to guarantee the rights of detainees.

Amnesty International said statements by families of detainees that there were decades of coronary heart disease among detainees paint a dark picture of the difficult conditions of detention, as detainees are overcrowded, while the government has recently claimed that the outbreak is under control. Is.

The organization called on the Bahraini government not to gamble on the lives of prisoners and to guarantee the right to medical treatment of detainees and to protect them from the danger of this epidemic.

News i



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