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Failure of Libyan peace talks in Geneva / US: Only Libyans can determine Libya’s future

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The UN coordinator in Libya announced the end of the political talks in Geneva without reaching an agreement on a legal mechanism for the upcoming elections.

According to News i, quoting Anatoly, Rizdon Zeninga, coordinator of the UN mission in Libya, said on Friday that the political talks between the Libyan parties in Geneva ended without reaching an agreement on the election law.

At the closing session of the talks on the fifth day of the talks, the UN official called for a moderate solution that would unite the Libyan parties, as well as the continuation of consultations between the conflicting parties.

“We will continue to work with the Libyan side and the Committee on Agreements to prepare some options for common ground to be re-discussed by the Assembly,” he said in a televised speech.

“We could not agree on a legal mechanism for holding elections based on that, and that is not good. Three proposals were made on the mechanism of holding elections, but the participants did not reach a common ground.”

On Thursday, members of the Libyan Political Dialogue Council (75 members) elected a 13-member “Consensus Committee” on the fourth day of their meeting in Geneva, Switzerland.

Talks began on Monday on a legal mechanism under which parliamentary and presidential elections, scheduled for December 24, will be held.

Call of the Prime Minister

On the other hand, the Prime Minister of the Libyan National Unity Government, Abdul Hamid al-Dubaiba, called on all parties to prioritize the public interest and agree on a formula for holding the elections on time.

“We urge all national parties and the UN delegation to assume their responsibilities and prioritize the public interest, and on a formula that guarantees a timely election and enables the Libyan people to exercise their right to vote,” he tweeted. “Let them agree.”

The Libyan prime minister’s remarks came after the fruitless end of UN-sponsored talks in Geneva.

In addition, Richard Norland, the US special envoy to Libya, said Saturday that some members of the Libyan Dialogue Forum in Geneva are trying to poison the atmosphere to ensure that elections are not held in Libya.

He added that these members “are either trying to prevent the election by prolonging the constitutional process or creating new conditions, and some of these people claim to represent political leaders who have assured the United States that they support the December 24 election.”

“The future of Libya can only be decided by the Libyans. The UN delegation in Libya has worked hard to facilitate dialogue, but it cannot make decisions on behalf of the Libyans,” Norland said.

News i



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