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Saturday, October 16, 2021

Erdogan announced the return of Turkish embassy staff in Kabul

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The Turkish embassy said today (Sunday) that Turkish embassy staff temporarily stationed at Kabul airport have returned to the Turkish embassy in Kabul.

“Two weeks ago, our embassy staff were temporarily stationed at Kabul airport,” Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan told reporters on his way back from a visit to Bosnia, Herzegovina and Montenegro, NTV reported. Yesterday, they returned to their building in central Kabul and continue their work there. The plan is to maintain a diplomatic presence in Afghanistan.

He also said that Turkey’s only wish regarding Afghanistan is to establish immediate stability in the country.

“We are ready to provide any assistance in this regard,” the Turkish president was quoted as saying by Sputnik. It is enough for the Afghan side to take the same approach.

“Our priority is the security of the country’s staff,” Erdogan said, noting that all options are on the table for different situations (including embassy staff in Kabul).

The Turkish president said that the current situation in the country should be closely followed, considering the administration of the country by the Taliban and the formation of the government by this organization. Turkey has helped Afghanistan in every way for 20 years. Our only pain is to organize Afghanistan as soon as possible. The Afghan people can no longer bear this burden. We are ready to contribute to the unity and integrity of Afghanistan. It is enough for Afghanistan to ask us for this.

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