Driving violations, imprisonment and martyrdom in the Zionist prison

Abdo Youssef Khatib al-Tamimi, a 43-year-old Palestinian man arrested for driving misconduct, was martyred at the Muskubia detention center in occupied Jerusalem.

According to News i, quoting Palestine Today, Hassan Abd Rabbo, media adviser to the Palestinian Prisoners of War and Freedoms Board, said that al-Tamimi was a resident of the Shafat camp in occupied Jerusalem, who was martyred last night in the Muscovite prison.

Abd Rabbo stated that the Israeli military arrested Al-Tamimi last Sunday for driving violations.

He blamed the Zionist Prisoners Organization for the martyrdom of this Palestinian citizen.

Al-Tamimi’s family confirmed that Israeli police had informed them of their son’s martyrdom and claimed that he had suffered a heart attack in solitary confinement in the Muscovite prison.

Al-Tamimi has four children and, according to his family, has no history of any illness.

On the other hand, clashes broke out between Palestinian citizens and regime forces after the Israeli forces attacked the town of Al-Khidr, south of Bethlehem.

According to local sources, clashes broke out between Palestinians and regime forces near the Bakush area west of the town of Al-Khidr, south of Bethlehem, around the Dar Musa neighborhood, and the Zionists hurled stones at Palestinians. They were counterattacking, firing exercise bullets, and firing gas and sound bombs.

News i


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