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Sunday, December 5, 2021

Doubs: a baker on hunger strike to protest the expulsion of his apprentice

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A baker from Besançon (Doubs) has been on hunger strike for ten days now to protest against the expulsion of his apprentice. Wednesday January 13, he had already lost 8 kg but had gained many supports in his fight. A petition brings together more than 230,000 signatories. A column of several personalities, such as Marion Cotillard or Omar Sy, was also published. “Dear Stéphane, you gave us a lesson in courage and humanity. Your fight for Laye and the fraternity is now shared by hundreds of thousands of French people“, tweeted MEP Raphaël Glucksmann.

The baker cannot get over all this support. “Me, all this support feeds me. That’s why I haven’t been hungry for ten days (…) Being very emotional, I can shed my tear many times a day“, says Stéphane Ravacley. The story has even been relayed by the foreign press. Laye Fodé Traoré had to interrupt his training on January 2. Supported in France as an isolated minor, he has been targeted since his majority. by an obligation to leave French territory.

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